5 reasons to invest in Trusscore PVC panels – The details discussed

Trusscore PVC panels manufactured using the advanced Truss technology are ideal as wall coverings for humid and wet interiors. Vinyl panels have gained such hype for their water-resistant qualities. The PVC panels are commonly used for grow rooms, garages, bathrooms, restrooms, food units, slaughterhouses, cold storerooms and the list goes on. Wall paints, installing FRP and tiles are simply not enough and definitely not a permanent solution. Here are 5 reasons why time and again, the Trusscore PVC panels have proved to be the ideal solution.

Anti-bacterial and mold resistant 

The Trusscore PVC panels are resistant to toxic chemicals, molds, microbes and bacteria. The panels are impermeable to debris, dirt, animal waste and moisture. For laboratories and hospitals, these panels are an ideal fit for their hygienic qualities. The panels are also super easy to clean and maintain.

The durable panels are waterproof and don’t require deep cleaning. Just cleaning them with soapy water and a damp cloth is enough to remove stains, dirt and debris that accumulate on the panels. In addition, the smooth surface of the PVC panels with no crevices does not allow bacteria to harbor at the corners. After the Covid-19 pandemic, if you are looking for a hygienic wall covering, then PVC panels are the right choice.

Fire resistant 

Trusscore panels have a Class A fire rating according to the ASTM E84-18 surface burning feature standard test method. In addition, the flame spread index of the panels is 15, while the smoke-developed index is 450. In short, this means that the panels are resistant to fire and can play a huge role in preventing fire outbreaks inside the chambers.

Eco-friendly solution 

Did you know that the Trusscore PVC panels, like other thermoplastic products, are recyclable? The PVC panels can be recycled 7x times and have a long lifespan of around 140 years. Such a quality makes the PVC panel eco-friendly and an ideal solution for applications. The panels are also extremely durable and can last for 40 to 50 years with no need for repairs or replacements.



The PVC panels are a one-time investment. You just need to purchase long-lasting panels that don’t need repairs. FRP panels need extra materials like backers, adhesives and skilled labor for their installation. PVC panels come in DIY kits and have a user-friendly guide for their installation. PVC panels get fitted with studs and hidden fasteners in a simple and easy process. If you want a permanent and long-term solution, then PVC panels can prove to be an affordable deal.

Certified panels 

It’s essential to invest in panels that are FDA-compliant, ASTM-certified and CFIA-certified. Vinyl Wall Panels have custom-made panels that are certified and of premium quality. The manufacturers provide a stringent quality check to get you high-quality panels that last long and excellently serve the purpose.

Final words

Although here are only the 5 advantages of Trusscore PVC panels discussed, but there are plenty more. Why not book a free consultation with the experts or get a free sample for quality check? Vinyl Wall Panels have a white, bright and clean appearance. Request a quote now.