8 Things You Need to Know about Trusscore Wall and Ceiling Panels

Premium quality Trusscore PVC panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are ideal for wet environments and places where high hygiene standards need to be maintained. Controlling the moisture levels is one of the biggest challenges in maintaining proper hygiene. Wall dampness is difficult to address, but you can keep the dampness away for a long time by installing Trusscore PVC panels. Here are the top 8 reasons why Trusscore panels are the ideal choice for walls and ceilings.

1.  Anti-bacterial panels

The Trusscore panels are resistant to bacteria, mold and microbes. The panels have a clean and smooth surface with no crevices ensuring hidden bacteria do not harbor between the cracks. The panels are chemical-resistant and do not allow moisture, dirt, grime, or oil to settle on the surface. The FDA-compliant and ASTM-certified panels have anti-bacterial and mold-resistant qualities, making them ideal for food processing and hospital applications.

2.  Fire-resistant

The high-quality PVC panels are highly resistant to fire and smoke. The fire resistivity of the Trusscore panels has a Class A fire rating according to the ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method. The fire-resistant panels ensure the protection of life and property by curtailing the spread of fire in case of an outbreak. The flame index of the panels is 15, while the smoke-developed index is 450.

3.  Eco-friendly

The Trusscore PVC panels can get recycled 7xtimes and can last till 140 years. The panels are thermoplastic products and safe for usage in various applications. The waste material gets recycled by turning the PVC sheets into micro-pieces to remove impurities. Then, the material gets redefined to form a new and pure PVC sheet.

4.  Hygienic wall panels

The Trusscore panels are highly hygienic and do not allow dirt, grime, or debris to accumulate at the corners or cracks of the panels. These PVC wall panels are extremely easy to maintain. You can wipe off the panels with a clean damp cloth dipped and squeezed in detergent water. Wiping off the stains would ensure that the panels stay clean and hygienic for the long haul.

5.  100% waterproof

PVC panels are 100% waterproof and resistant to damages caused by water. Vinyl panels are the ideal choice for wet surfaces that need protection from water and other liquids. Therefore, vinyl panels are always the first choice for walls and ceilings that require moisture resistance.

6.  Durable

Did you know a high-quality vinyl panel made from 100% virgin vinyl can stay intact for 40 years or even more? PVC panels are extremely durable and do not need any repairs or replacements. FRP wall boards would peel off, delaminate or crack after a few years, but you make a long-term, fruitful investment with PVC panels.

7.  Customized

You can customize the vinyl panels as per your requirements. The Trusscore panels made with the specialized Truss technology ensure strength and rigidity. On top of that, customization would help you get the perfect panel of your choice to fit into the application seamlessly.

8.  Light-reflective

PVC panels are bright, white and light-reflective. The panels distribute light equally all over the place. Poorly-lit applications can install PVC panels to illuminate the place and also ensure 100% moisture protection.

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