Adding an extra layer of protective covering on the walls and ceiling – Trusscore panels

It is always good to cover the walls and ceiling of your commercial space with a protective layering of wall and ceiling panels. It is good to install waterproof vinyl trusscore panels rather than choosing any other traditional wall and ceiling coverings. 

Long-lasting PVC panels

Well, are you keen on knowing how long the panels would last? The panels can even stay the same for 100 years. Generally, the panels remain in good condition for 45-50 years without showing any damage. Once our team offers year-long maintenance. But FRP Panels rot, wear out and delaminate within a few years of installation. Trusscore panels are simple to install, they do not have backers. One local contractor can install vinyl panels within 7 to 8 hours. 

Duramax – one of the renowned manufacturers

Duramax PVC Panels manufactures lightweight and functional trusscore panels in the US. We have been catering to industries of all sizes for over 40 years. We serve industries like car washes, dairy farms, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, hospitals, poultry, restaurants, warehouses, shipping containers, riding stables, etc. The sheets are made by implementing the webbed truss technology. The PVC sheets are water-resistant to keep the walls free from humidity. The panels are used to improve the aesthetics of commercial space. Vinyl panels are ASTM-certified, FDA-compliant and CFIA-certified. PVC sheets are resistant to abuses, fire, impacts, odor and chemicals. They are non-porous and can be recycled. 

Panels customized to perfection

At Duramax, we customize PVC panels according to your project requirements. The panels are available in a fixed 16 inches width and varying lengths. The sheets have a density of ½ inch which is pretty impressive. Trusscore panels are available in white color and you can be sure of the clarity. The panels do not turn yellowish or even milky white post-installation. These sheets tend to repel impurities. The panels do not fade unlike colorful FRP panels. The vinyl panels have the capability of equally distributing the reflected light. They have light reflecting traits that help to save on your monthly energy bills. 

Book a free consultation

Are you trying to get ideas about your project? Book a consultation for free to talk to the experts. PVC panels are a saving option in the long term. According to the statistics, you can save 40% of the cost needed to purchase materials and 50% from the total cost of hiring a workforce. These sheets, once installed, do not need any untimely repairs or replacement. The vinyl sheets are shipped within 2 weeks directly from the website. PVC trusscore panels are popular due to their plenty of advantages. FRP panels or other traditional wall and ceiling paneling material is taking a backseat. 

Final words

Please visit our online inventory to shop for vinyl panels online. You can also visit our store in person. Please visit our website for more information on trusscore panels. Ask for a free sample of PVC panels to ensure quality. Request a quotation.