Are you dealing with dampness inside your commercial interior? Install trusscore PVC panels

You can keep your commercial space in good condition and free from dampness by choosing to install a durable wall and ceiling covering. Choose the panels according to your requirements. For instance, PVC trusscore panels work on damp walls and ceiling.

PVC panels – hassle-free instalation

PVC panels are simple and easy to install. They are fixed directly to the studs with fasteners that are not visible. Trussocre panels have interlocking tongues and grooves that make way for smooth and quick installation. Hire a local contractor for the project and they take only 7 to 8 hours for a complete installation.

Easy cleaning possible

Do you know that PVC trusscore panels are free from daily maintenance? They have a smooth surface that does not attract impurities or bacteria. Wipe the panels sometimes using a wet cloth and a mild cleaner. Wash the panels if little dirt or grime is visible after months. There is no worrying about moisture seepage through the panels. Do not use harsh cleaning agents, acids, bleaches or other abrasives. 

Light-reflective trusscore panels

Trusscore panels are extremely durable as they have a very long shelf life. PVC panels can actually remain the same for 100 years. Generally commercial panels last for 40-50 years without timely maintenance. The panels are available in fixed 16 inches width but the length can vary according to customization. The sheets are available in only white color and you can customize or add your own decorations. It is true that FRP panels are available in a variety of shades but they fade easily. White vinyl panels do not get tinted or become yellowish with time. PVC panels are light reflective so they tend to lower your energy bills

Duramax PVC panels – can be recycled

Duramax PVC Panels is a premium PVC panel manufacturing brand in the USA. We have been manufacturing trusscore panels for more than 40 years. We have earned an immense reputation among clients from different industries. We install panels inside grow rooms, car washes, restaurants, commercial kitchens, warehouses, meat packaging units, shipping containers and more. These sheets are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant. We have a quality assurance team that checks the panels before the shipping process. The panels are waterproof and have an antibacterial coating on its surface. Vinyl panels are non-porous and lightweight. They endure impacts, abuses and are free from toxins. The panels can be recycled at least 7 times more than FRP panels.

PVC panels are suited for moisture-laden interiors

Duramax PVC panels never need replacing and this is a promise that is backed by our $ 25,000 money-back guarantee. Please visit the website for information on poly vinyl chloride panels. You also get to compare FRP versus PVC trusscore panels. This helps to decide which solution you pick for your commercial space. FRP panels are becoming a thing of the past as they do have certain drawbacks. They are not suitable for interiors that have a lot of moisture and dampness. Duramax PVC panels keep dampness from the walls, does not crumble or delaminate and keeps the walls as good as new.

Shop for PVC panels online or visit our store

Duramax’s trusscore panels are manufactured in the USA. They are shipped directly to your site from our factory within a span of 2 weeks. Please ask for a free sample of our panel to take a look into the quality of the panels. Request for a quote.