Are you thinking of a damp-free solution for your bathroom? – Know about the trusscore technology

The washroom is a wet space that requires a lot of attention. Dampness and humidity can ruin your interior that calls for expensive repairs and is sometimes irreparable. So it is good to notice the early signs and opt for a remedy. There are solutions like drywall, oil paints, damp-proofing but nothing works as good as vinyl wall and ceiling panels. The quality of the panels plays a major role which is why you need to choose a renowned vinyl panel manufacturer. 
Duramax manufactures premium quality Trusscore vinyl panels made using modern truss technology. Trusscore is a technology that is a combination of advanced science and high quality. Trusscore wall and ceiling panels are designed with strong polymer formulation and crafted to perfection. Vinyl panels are an alternative to drywall and FRP. 

The benefits of trusscore PVC panels 

Trusscore vinyl panels have advantages that no other wall coverings have. The panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl resulting in premium quality panels. Also, the PVC panels are extremely durable and long-lasting. PVC lightweight and non-porous panels have extreme resistivity which includes fire and chemical resistivity. The panels have a 1-hour and Class A fire grade which is a boon installed inside residential washrooms or any other zone. The panels are also not affected by chemicals, ensuring nothing would happen if drops of bathroom cleaner settle on the walls. 

Certified Trusscore PVC panels 

The panels are ½ inch thick with an exclusive truss design that offers rigidity and strength. Trusscore PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Our products are available in white and gray colors; choose a shade that compliments your project design. In addition, they are available in custom lengths that can be tailored based on the project size. Complimentary trims are available for your PVC wall covering. 

Simple maintenance

Trusscore vinyl panels are simple to maintain without any extra maintenance costs. The PVC panels require occasional wiping with a damp cloth and little soap. You can also wash the panels without having to worry about water seepage. 

PVC panels – a lucrative choice 

PVC panels are an affordable solution compared to fiberglass-reinforced plastic. But a lot of people have the notion that FRP panels are affordable. Do not be swayed by the low FRP price when you purchase for the first time. FRP Panels do not last for long; the panels delaminate within a few years. This calls for frequent repairs and replacement, which is an expensive job. Why would you frequently pay for a wall and ceiling covering? FRP maintenance and installation are also expensive compared to vinyl. PVC panels have a slightly higher price compared to FRP, but it is a one-time investment. Trusscore panels can last for 40-45 years with little and timely maintenance. But vinyl panels can also last for more than 100 years, which is more than a lifetime. 

Final words

Do not invest in bathroom tiles anymore but choose to install Duramax’s vinyl panels. Refer to our website for more information and get a customized solution. Ask for a free sample or request a quote.