Are you tired of dampness issues inside your commercial interior?

Adding a durable covering can help eliminate damp walls and improve the aesthetics of the space. We suggest installing vinyl trusscore panels. The panels are manufactured implementing the truss technology, a combination of science and engineering. 

Simple and hassle-free installation

PVC panels are simple to install and can be reused. They are attached directly to the studs with hidden fasteners. PVC panels have interlocking tongues and grooves for quicker installation. A single contractor can complete the installation process within 7-8 hours.  

Long-lasting trusscore panels

Trusscore panels have a longer shelf life. The panels last for almost 45-50 years without regular maintenance; some panels can last as long as 100 years. Duramax panels are available in 16″ width, and the length can vary from 10″, 16″, or 20″. You can customize the length according to your requirements.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are not a hassle anymore because PVC panels do not get excessively dirty easily. Wipe the panels with a mild cleaning agent and a damp cloth. You can wash the panels anytime without worrying about moisture seepage. Do not use harsh cleaning agents, acids and abrasives. PVC trusscore panels have a smooth surface that does not attract dirt or impurities. The slippery surface of the panels does not allow bacterial growth beneath them. 

Light-reflective PVC trusscore panels

Duramax PVC panels are available in pristine white color, this looks soothing and aesthetic. The white color of the vinyl panels makes the interior look spacious and well-lit. The panels have light-reflective properties as they can equally distribute the reflected light. This helps in reducing the total energy bills. 

Duramax PVC panels – certified PVC panels

Duramax PVC Panels is a top brand in the USA that has been manufacturing high-quality PVC panels for more than 40 years. The trusscore panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant. PVC panels are completely water-resistant, control odor and have a Class A, 1-hour fire grade. Vinyl panels have no backers so they are suitable for humid interiors. The panels do not allow moisture or humidity to settle on the walls or ceiling.

Duramax panels are covered with an anti-mold covering that resists the growth of microbes or bacteria on the surface. Vinyl panels are lightweight, non-porous and can be recycled many times compared to PVC panels. PVC panels do not release toxins so they are safe for use. The panels can endure impacts, shocks and abuses. 

Final words – unparalleled quality

The perfect wall panels never need replacing, this is so true in the case of Duramax PVC panels. Get more information about PVC trusscore panels from the Duramax website. This is a full-proof solution for your walls and ceiling for the long term. FRP Panels are gradually becoming obsolete due to the various disadvantages compared to PVC panels. Please discuss your project with us and we shall offer customized solutions for your commercial requirement. We have implemented advanced technologies to manufacture PVC panels.

Vinyl panels keep issues like water infiltration, delamination and bad aesthetics away. The top-notch trusscore panels are shipped directly to your site from the factory within 2 weeks. Order fast for direct shipping. Request a quote for a free sample to see the quality yourself.