Are you using the basement of your house as a storeroom or as a living space?

Basements are generally very spacious and can be used for various uses. But most homeowners face moisture issues that require proper treatment. Reading this blog, you will feel that getting rid of problems related to dampness is not a big challenge. Many basements in the USA are well connected to the rest of the property via ductworks and openings. 

Also, recently basements are being used more and more as finished bedrooms and living spaces. Moisture issues are a huge problem and annoying, leading to health problems as well. Mildew and molds grow beneath the wall coverings and damp carpets. Spending a little more on installing trusscore vinyl panels can solve the problems for a lifetime. 

ASTM-certified trusscore vinyl panels 

Cover the walls and ceiling of your basement with Trusscore vinyl panels. Trusscore means panels manufactured using truss technology. The engineers combine science with rich designs to create these panels. They are waterproof and functional panels made from 100% pure vinyl. The panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant and come with a quality seal. The panels are fire as well as chemical resistant. Since the panels are moisture-proof, they do not attract or promote mold or any other microorganisms. Trusscore panels have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for greater resistivity. The interlocking pattern helps to feature a multiwall structure that offers robustness. 

Long-lasting vinyl panels

Trusscore panels have an exceptional shelf-life which is close to 100-140 years. The vinyl panels do not require repairs or replacement for almost 40-45 years. So, PVC panels are a one-time investment and an affordable solution in the long run. FRP panels are slightly lower in cost compared to PVC panels. But FRP Panels require huge maintenance and frequent repairs post-installation. On the other hand, it is worth investing more money in installing PVC panels which is a long-term solution. 

Easy to clean and maintain vinyl panels 

It is easy to clean and maintain vinyl panels as they do not require regular upkeep. Occasional cleaning of the panels can be done by wiping the panels with a damp cloth. You can wash the panels without worrying about the panels soaking in water.

FRP installation is an expensive and complex process but Trusscore PVC panel installation is not cumbersome at all. One contractor can install the panels within 7-8 hours. There is no investment in any additional materials; also the panels are attached to the studs directly without backers. 

Are you convinced about installing trusscore panels?

Keep in mind that dehumidification is not a permanent process. If dehumidification is conducted in a damp basement, the problems are aggravated and the damage is greater. When the basement air is dried out, moisture accumulates more rapidly which causes spalling of concrete. On the other hand, FRP panels are also not a solution for damp interiors. Trusscore PVC panels are always a better investment for commercial and residential purposes.

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