Are you worried about the dampness visible on the walls and ceiling? – The solution discussed

Humidity and dampness can cause serious damage that can be expensive to repair or replace. So why not install a waterproof wall or ceiling covering? Trusscore wall and ceiling panels are ideal for those humid commercial interiors. 

Light-reflective Trusscore PVC panels

Trusscore PVC panels are light-reflective and are available in a single white color. This gives a fresh, clean and spacious look to the interior. The PVC panels can distribute the reflected light equally, creating enough light without requiring too many lights. This helps you cut off your energy bills resulting in recurring long-term savings. We manufacture premium PVC panels customized for commercial spaces, including grow rooms, commercial kitchens, laboratories, fisheries, schools, hospitals, and more. The durability of the vinyl panels adds up to the affordability aspect. 

Up to 7 times recyclable PVC panels

Trusscore panels are resistant to fire, chemicals, and impurities, including animal waste. Trusscore panels do not absorb moisture, keeping the inner walls and ceiling dry and fresh. Trusscore PVC panels are manufactured from thermoplastic that can be recycled. The raw vinyl sheets are turned into micro pieces and refined into their pure state. The vinyl panels are recyclable up to 7 times. They are environment-friendly and do not contain toxins. We have a team of experts that customize panels within your budget and based on your requirements. The products are manufactured inside our factory in the USA. 

Duramax Trusscore PVC panels

The panels are 100% waterproof and made from pure vinyl. This makes the panels functional, durable and robust. PVC panels have a smooth surface that does not have any crevices. As a result, they do not attract bacteria, mold and mildew. The PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. They are made from truss technology, a combination of modern science and craftsmanship. They are flexible, non-porous and can be recycled. The panels have a 1-hour, Class A fire grade. Vinyl panels do not react to chemicals as well.

Simple cleaning and maintenance

Duramax panels are equipped with mechanisms to control the humidity and repel moisture away from the walls and ceiling. A single contractor can install Trusscore PVC panels within 7-8 hours. The installation process is inexpensive as no additional materials are required. In addition, vinyl panels do not have backers, so they do not absorb moisture into the panels or the walls. As a result, these panels do not require daily cleaning and maintenance. 

The final words

Duramax is changing the face of residential and commercial construction. Our products are sustainable and combined with nanotechnology. Duramax helps you discover the goodness of Trusscore that includes strength and durability. Refer to our website for more information related to vinyl panels. Save 50% on materials costs and 40% of the labor costs by installing premium PVC panels. Trusscore panels, once installed, do not require replacement. Book a free consultation with our experts and discuss a solution. It is time to install high-performing PVC panels from Duramax. 

Final words

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