Are your wetroom walls soaking damp? Install trusscore PVC panels

Wet rooms as the name suggests are filled with moisture and dampness. Tiles, drywall, plywood covering or FRP Panels have failed to offer adequate protection. These do not have waterproof qualities like PVC panels. Vinyl is a popular wall and ceiling covering material used across various industrial sectors. Vinyl panels have now replaced the use of traditional panels or any other material. If your wet room walls are soaking in dampness, invest in adding a layer of PVC panel covering. That would be a permanent solution and a worthy investment. There are many companies in the USA that manufactures PVC panels. Choose a renowned company that manufactures premium trusscore PVC panels within the budget. 

Inexpensive PVC panel installation

Are you trying to complete the wetroom renovation process faster to avoid inconvenience? Trusscore PVC panels can be installed in no time and involve no additional expenses. The panels do not have backers attached directly to the studs so the panels are reusable. Some tongues and grooves interlock with each other for quicker installation. This makes horizontal and vertical installation easier. One local certified contractor can install vinyl panels inside your wet room within 7-8 hours or might take less time. Post-installation, the panels do not require expensive maintenance for years. 

Duramax PVC Panels renowned in the USA

Duramax is a renowned brand manufacturing trusscore panels for industrial use in the USA. We are more than 40 years old, so we have a huge client base. Our panels are made from truss technology and 100% virgin vinyl. The improved truss technology is a combination of craftsmanship and science. The panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. All panels are checked for quality before they are shipped to your site. Our panels are robust, durable yet lightweight. They are non-porous and can be recycled several times. 

Certified PVC panels

Duramax PVC panels are ASTM-certified, FDA-compliant and CFIA-certified. The panels are non-reactive to chemicals, they control odor and offer a 1-hour Class A fire grade. The panels are completely water-resistant. The inner walls and ceiling are not exposed to humidity and dampness. The panels have an anti-mold coating on the surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. 

Duramax PVC panels – request a quote

Duramax PVC panels the USA customizes panels according to your requirements and the budget. Save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor costs by installing Duramax PVC trusscore panels. Invest a slightly higher amount initially and the panels do not require any further costs. Installing vinyl panels is a single-time investment. We have clients from industries including car washes, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, fisheries, breweries, shipping containers, commercial spaces, stables and more. The panels are shipped to your location at factory-direct prices. 

Final words

Get in touch with us and please visit our website for information and online panel shopping. Ask for a free sample so that you can see the quality yourself—request a no-obligation quote. 

Waterproof and long-lasting PVC panels

PVC panels are waterproof so they do not attract moisture and humidity. The panels are mold-resistant and have an antibacterial covering on the surface. Duramax panels are lightweight, non-porous and easily recyclable. The vinyl panels do not react to chemicals, they have a 1-hour Class A fire rating that offers complete resistivity. Vinyl panels are long-lasting as they have a shelf-life of more than 45-50 years or sometimes even more. Wipe the panels occasionally with a wet cloth and eco-friendly detergent to keep the shine. Wash the panels with water or a cleaning agent because they do not absorb dampness.

Customized PVC panels

Are you planning to install vinyl panels inside your commercial washroom? Change the look and feel of the space by installing Duramax trusscore PVC panels. The face sheets are made from extracted polyvinyl chloride. The triangular ribs in the inner sides are squeezed out between two faces. The inner ribs have strength and durability. This is an efficient way to set up linear wall panels. Trusscore panels are available in 16” width and 10”, 12” 16” and 20” in length.