ASTM certified vinyl panels designed implementing the Truss technology

Vinyl is now the most popular wall paneling solution that is popularly used for residential and commercial use. This is a magical material that can control the dampness due to excess moisture. Excessive dampness can spoil the walls and ceiling, leading to expensive repairs. 

 The Truss technology 

PVC panels are available in various designs and patterns. The panels are used across a wide range of industries. Trusscore PVC panels are made using Truss technology. This makes the products more durable and long-lasting. These panels are a perfect alternative to tiles and traditional paint. Vinyl is now preferred for the numerous advantages it has. 

High quality vinyl panels

Trusscore PVC panels are known for their quality. We have a team of expert engineers who design panels that are made from the most advanced technology. Also, the panels are available in only two shades, white and grey. The lighter shades, when installed, make the interior look bright and clean. PVC panels do not attract bacteria, mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. This keeps the interior hygienic and healthy. 

 Long-lasting Trusscore panels

Trusscore PVC panels are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the building codes in the USA. These are made from 100% virgin vinyl, which the purest form of vinyl. The vinyl panels are waterproof. Our panels are industry-leading and are very popular in the USA. Now talking about the investment, do you have doubts thinking whether it is worth it? PVC panels can seem to be a high investment choice initially. But the panels can be extremely long-lasting with very little maintenance. 

 Vinyl panels do not delaminate 

Vinyl panels do not attract moisture, so it does not delaminate, and the walls are also not damaged. The panels are extremely long-lasting. They can remain in good condition for 40-45 years. Also, the panels do not have backers, which means they do not attract dampness and moisture. Also, the walls inside are protected from getting damaged from the effects of dampness. 

 PVC panels are easy to install. The process is not at all time-consuming. Only one contractor is enough for the installation, but hiring two can only speed up the installation. The vinyl face sheets are manufactured from the extracted vinyl. The inner sides have triangular ribs that are squeezed out between both faces. The inner ribs are known for their strength. 

Get customized solution

Yes, the good news is that customization is possible. Trusscore vinyl panels are available in 16” width, and the length includes 10”, 12” 16” and 20”. The interior is hygienic and clean. Our panels have a Class A fire rating and ASTM E84-18 standard.  

 Are you thinking about whether you should install FRP panels? FRP is not at all suitable for moist interiors. The panels have backers from where moisture seeps into the panels reaching the walls. The panels delaminate, and the walls also get damaged very easily. FRP panels need replacement only after a few years of installation, which is an additional expense. 

Final words

Are you looking for Trusscore PVC panels? Refer to the Duramax PVC panel website for all information. Please get in touch with us, refer to our website for a consultation, and ask for a free sample.