Coat your residential or commercial interior walls and ceiling with trusscore PVC panels

PVC is used to make durable wall and ceiling panels for commercial and residential use. This market is expanding rapidly due to the huge demands of customers from various sectors. Wallcovering is very important for commercial setups that experience a lot of humidity and its effects. The inner walls and ceiling get affected by humidity inside grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, food processing units, breweries, meat packaging units and more. Simply painting or adding tiles is not a solution but coating with PVC panels is the finest solution. 

100% virgin vinyl panels 

Trusscore panels are made from 100 % pure vinyl and this makes the panels durable and sturdy. The panels are waterproof and does not attract mold or mildew on its surface. The panels are manufactured by implementing truss technology which provides the trusscore PVC panels with durability and flexibility. In addition, the panels repel moisture so mold and bacteria cannot grow on their smooth surface. Vinyl panels have many advantages compared to any other wall panel. 

Invest in PVC panels instead of FRP panels 

It is worth spending a little more on PVC panels compared to FRP panels. This is something many clients wish to know. FRP panels are a bit lower in price compared to PVC. Well, the price difference is not very huge, but still people prefer installing the cheaper solution. We recommend not installing FRP Panels inside damp interiors. FRP Panels have backers that soak in humidity, and gradually the panels delaminate within a few years. So, what is the use of installing a short-term solution that also damages and exposes the walls? 

Long-lasting vinyl panels 

Trusscore panels do not have backers, so the panels remain dry, keeping the walls inside free from humidity. The panels can remain as good as new for almost 40-45 years without any maintenance, but trusscore panels can also last for 100 years or more. So spending a little more and investing in long-lasting vinyl panels is worth it. 

ASTM-certified vinyl panels 

Trusscore PVC panels are ASTM E84 Standard Test Method Certified, and they have a Class A fire rating with a flame spread index of 15 and a smoke development index of 450. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade which means that the panels can resist fire for up to an hour. These panels are ideal for interiors that deal with combustible items. PVC panels do not react to chemicals as well. 

Simple and easy installation 

We have a team of manufacturers who can customize panels according to your requirements. Trusscore PVC panels installation is a very simple process. One contractor can complete the installation within 7-8 hours without any additional investment—request for a quote. The panels are grey and white. Also, the panels are light-reflective, which can reduce your energy bills. 

Eco-friendly panels 

Trusscore PVC panels are eco-friendly and have no toxic composition. The waste material of vinyl can be recycled up to 7 times. The panels are non-porous and extremely lightweight. All the panels are tested for quality before it is shipped to your location. Now buy vinyl panels online for residential and commercial use. 

Final words

Please book a free consultation with the experts and ask for a free sample of PVC panels.