Contractor Advice: Where to Apply Ceiling & Wall Coverings at Home

Contractor Advice: Where to Apply Ceiling & Wall Coverings at Home

During these days, where most people are staying at home, renovations and room repairs seem to find its perfect timing considering that we can both work and do household chores all at once.


When the coronavirus pandemic happened, many hobbies made people occupied during the home. Some have started cooking, baking, gardening, and even put-up a small home business to keep them sane.


As contractors, homeowners, and interior design enthusiasts— if you may call yourself one, you probably think about what needs to be renovated or repaired inside your homes and even in the backyard. Now that you have plenty of time to repair portions of your house, why not start that project now, and be productive while at home?

Take advantage of the time you have now!


Have you seen your living room walls dull and looks unpresentable? Are your bedroom walls damaged and gets moist during the rainy season? Your bathroom wall tiles are starting to get molds and mildew due to dampness?


Trusscore PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels by Duramax got all these covered!
Here is some guide why you should choose Trusscore instead of anything else, like FRP or tiles:


What you’ll like about Duramax PVC Wall and Ceiling panels is that you can install them yourself! It neither requires you to do some messy gluing job and hire manpower or a contractor. Once installed, you need not replace them provided that it is properly maintained. You save costs for additional materials, and at the same time, the cost of hiring a person to assist you.


A good contractor would advise you to install Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax. See what they have to say:
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