Control dampness and moisture by installing Trusscore vinyl panels

Dampness and moisture can be a true headache if not controlled; it can take a toll on your commercial and residential interior. Instead of leaving the walls and ceiling bare, you can cover up with wall panels. Not all panels are meant for curbing the dampness, but certain ones are specifically designed for use in moist interiors. Did you hear of vinyl panels? It’s a modern and technologically advanced solution when compared to FRP panels. Vinyl panels are an excellent way to control the excess dampness that harms the walls and ceiling. 

Say no to FRP – Prefer installing PVC panels

Did you use FRP and now choose to reinstall wall panels because the old panels have delaminated? FRP is not suitable for moist interiors, so the panels tend to delaminate only after a few installation years. Now, if you are looking for an extremely durable and long-lasting solution, PVC panels are the answer. PVC panels do not have backers; the panels are attached directly to the studs, preventing moisture seepage into the panels and the walls. This keeps the walls and ceilings protected for years.

Quality is the most important factor 

Quality is the most important factor when you are looking for vinyl panels. We manufacture Trusscore panels that are a combination of quality and science. The Trusscore technology ensures that the panels would be extremely long-lasting. They can last for almost 40-45 years with minimal maintenance. These vinyl panels are made from the best quality vinyl, ensuring that the panels would be waterproof and free from any bacterial or mold infestations. Our engineers use the Truss technology to manufacture the panels, which offer durability and great strength. 

The various uses of vinyl panels 

Vinyl panels are designed to maintain the essential building codes and hygiene guidelines. Our panels have been extremely beneficial in installing residential walls and ceiling, agricultural facilities, meat packaging plants, food processing, car washes, schools, marinas, healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and supermarkets laboratories, and laundromats. 

 White vinyl panels are light-reflective 

The vinyl wall and ceiling panels are white or grey. They have a clear and brighter appearance. PVC panels are light-reflective, which means that the panels can equally distribute the reflected light. This can help you to save your energy bills, and this can be long-term savings.  

 PVC panels do not delaminate

Trusscore panels do not delaminate, warp, swell, smell or show any signs of damage. PVC is the most suitable alternative to plywood, drywall, plasterboard, tiled concrete, fiber-reinforced plastic, stainless steel paneling, and lightweight PVC siding.

 Our clients trust us

We are glad that we could be a part of the COVID-19 contributors because we did our best to supply vinyl panels for the medical facilities, and isolation rooms…etc. Apart from that, we have a huge client base because they have trusted in our solution. We are among the most renowned Trusscore vinyl panels manufacturers in the USA. 

 ASTM certified wall panels 

Our ASTM certified panels are extremely affordable, order, and get a limited lifetime warranty. You can visit our website to get complete information about our panels and what the clients have to say. If you require consulting our experts, connect with our team for an online or offline consultation.