COVID-19 Pandemic Almost Over? Duramax Wall Panels Best For Your Office or Facility

With the recent development of vaccines for COVID-19, most of your clients are busy trying to make the most out of the “new normal” at work. One might have felt that situations are trying to go ‘as usual’ when most Americans are trying to change their ways, bit by bit.
Most contractors find this a perfect time to market their services to clients, considering that most of them have time to sit down and think of improvements in their respective offices and facilities. Well, it really is a perfect time now, especially if you include Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax in your project materials!


Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax makes every wall of offices and facilities COVID-19-resistant because it doesn’t allow moisture and droplets to sit on it for a long time. Its smooth, non-porous finish repels water easily without holding moisture in the panels. Talk about hygiene and sanitation, and Duramax will do the talking for you.

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In fact, healthcare and manufacturing industries widely use Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax as interior cladding because it maintains the highest standard of hygiene that these industries demand.

Duramax is particular about standards. Its Trusscore PVC Panels has gone through rigorous tests conducted by FDA and USDA. Trusscore PVC Panels by Duramax has passed its requirements for wall and ceilings considering its anti-bacterial feature and mold-resistant properties – you can guarantee your clients of these benefits, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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