Cyrus installed Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard vinyl panels inside his laundry to get rid of dampness and damaged walls

Are you looking for an alternative to Drywall or FRP? It is impossible to keep the walls uncovered if excess moisture and dampness is an issue. There are so many types of wall coverings, but vinyl has the maximum benefits. So, it’s the most preferred modern wall paneling solution both in the commercial and residential sectors. There are various types of vinyl panels, but quality is the most important thing. Vinyl Wall Panels manufacture PVC Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard panels within your budget and requirements. These panels are used to get rid of dampness in homes, schools, car washes, laundries, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, breweries, marinas, laboratories, healthcare facilities, and more. 



Cyrus owns a laundry and is a very renowned one in California. When it’s a laundry, you can imagine the amount of moisture and dampness the interior experiences. By the time he realized he had needed to do something about it, he had noticed the walls almost crumbling due to dampness. A sure shot way to mend the walls is to invest in our vinyl wall panels, completely waterproof and extremely durable. Quality is something we strongly believe in; we do not compromise. 


We are one of the most reputable PVC panel manufacturers in the USA. Once installed, our panels keep the walls in excellent condition and do not let the walls delaminate. Once installed, the covering would last for a lifetime; our panels can last for 25-30 years without getting damaged. Our panels can be manufactured using Truss technology; it’s a mixture of modern technology and durability. 


We told Cyrus could select from white and grey color and come in these two shades. Vinyl Wall Panels are available in ½ inch thickness, the width is about 16,” and the length of the panels can vary within 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, we also customize the length according to your requirements. Vinyl panels are anti-bacterial, and do not attract mildew or mold. The panels have a very smooth surface, which is not very much suitable for bacteria to thrive. They are non-porous and impermeable, have a Class A fire-rating, also not affected by chemicals. The panels are certified based on the ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method.


A laundry needs cleaning, and that is a hassle, but Cyrus felt relieved after installing vinyl panels. Our panels are capable of maintaining overall hygiene and do not require regular cleaning and maintenance. The panels’ surface is very smooth, which means it’s not favorable for bacteria to thrive underneath it. Wipe the panels occasionally to keep them in good condition. 


These panels are attached directly to the studs and do not have backers. This means that the panels do not absorb moisture through the backers. Cyrus was very satisfied after installation; he noticed that the dampness has vanished, and now his laundry room looks as good as new. 


PVC panels are used in cladding; they gain more and more popularity in the USA due to the benefits. Talk to our experts for a consultation and project discussion—request a free sample and a quote