Definite Advantages of Using Trusscore panels for construction purposes

Trusscore panels are made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride invented in 1872. PVC was first used in the construction industry for making pipes in the 1930s but was later employed extensively in the manufacturing sector and engineering industries. From fences and sandwich panels with insulation to ceilings and wallboards, PVC is used by various manufacturers to enhance their products in numerous ways. PVC panels manufactured using Truss technology are used widely to manufacture ceilings and wallboards for construction purposes. There are many advantages to using our products. Some of these are:

Strong and Super Creative:

Our panels are made from a polymer formula of high strength that includes a face-sheet and a core formed of tubes that are adjoining to each other with a cross-section that looks like an equilateral triangle. The extruding PVC vinyl makes up the face sheet with inner triangular ribs thrusting out between the two faces. The overall structure of our vinyl ceilings and wallboards are both structurally strong and super creative in construction design.

Anti-Bacterial Characteristics:

Our panels are resistant to chemicals and cannot be permeated by dirt, moisture, or animal waste. Unlike plywood and related building materials, our vinyl will not support mold or other fungal growth. With its anti-bacterial and mold-resistant properties, our panels meet the extreme, thorough and diligent standards of FDA and USDA requirements for walls and ceilings. Being anti-bacterial and mold-resistant, our panels are perfect for use in stringent hygiene requirements as in facilities that process food, laboratories, and hospitals.

Easy Installation, Low Maintenance Costs, and Durability:

PVC Trusscore panels for walls and ceilings are easy to install with minimum labor. Besides, they are easy to clean and maintain especially during contemporary times of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The durability of our products is due to quality construction and its hygienic and antibacterial features.

Resistance to Combustion:

Our panels have a fire rating, according to the standard testing method for the burning of surfaces of materials, of Class A as per ASTM E84-18. By such a standard, the indices of flame spreading and smoke development for our products are 15 and 450 respectively.

Environment Friendly and Recyclable:

Like most plastic products made by thermoplastic, our panels are recyclable and so is their waste. The recycling process turns the sheets of PVC into micro pieces which remove impurities and refine the material. These are then used to make new and pure sheets of PVC. Our vinyl panels can be recycled 7 times and have a
lifespan of more than 140 years. Our products are also safe to work within
normal construction practices.

Fixed and Customized Sizes and Colors:

Our products are available in fixed sizes of 16″ widths and construction lengths of 10′, 12′, 16′, and 20′. However, custom lengths are also available. The PVC sheets for walls and ceilings have a bright, clean, and white appearance and are resistant to Ultraviolet light. They are also guaranteed not to change color and have resistance from weathering.

Hygienic and Non-Toxic:

Our vinyl for walls and ceilings is a solution in the long term by an interior cladding that originates and keeps to the highest standards of hygiene as is best for healthcare, food, and manufacturing environs. The vinyl can be power washed with soap, water, or bleach to reflect its shine and clear look. As our products are smooth and impervious in their finishing, they repel & drain water easily without retaining any moisture in them. Our vinyl is the definite answer for facilities that require cleaning regularly.
Toxicity is unlikely to occur under normal working conditions and with the right spaces of ventilation. The limits of exposure will be exceeded for residual vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).


Our vinyl ensures your savings for a lifetime as you would never need to replace, repaint, or refinish them. The vinyl is 40% less material cost and 50% savings in labor than traditional FRP. They are also cost-effective vs other wall systems such as painted drywall.

Invest in Trusscore Panels

As you can understand, Trusscore panels are another name for quality in the construction industry. There are many advantages in using Trusscore for wall and ceiling construction in diverse environments. Some of these advantages include strong and super creative structure, antibacterial material, ease of installation, low-cost maintenance, durability, fire resistance, environment friendly, fixed and customized sizes, clean and bright colors, hygienic and non-toxic, and highly cost-effective.

The final words

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