Discovering the strength and durability of Trusscore vinyl panels

Trusscore vinyl panels are made using ‘truss’ technology which is a more maintainable solution. The Trusscore technology is altering residential and commercial construction styles. The concept is a combination of science and sustainability. 

Do not ignore the effects of humidity and dampness on your walls

The vinyl panels are high-performance when compared to FRP or drywall. Trusscore vinyl panels are suitable for curbing the humidity factor inside a home or a commercial setup. The applications include restaurants, home garages, workshops, commercial projects, offices, indoor grow rooms, stables, agricultural facilities, and hospitality venues…etc. We are extremely fervent about researching and implementing material science to our panels for flawless performance. Dampness due to excess humidity on the walls and ceiling can be a matter of concern as it could lead to damage if ignored. 

100% pure vinyl and waterproof 

Trusscore panels are made of 100% virgin vinyl. This makes sure the boards are strong and intense. The vinyl panels are manufactured maintaining the USA local codes. Trusscore panels are waterproof. They do not absorb the moisture keeping the walls and ceiling dry. These panels have a smooth, crease-free surface that does not attract impurities and does not promote bacterial growth. 

Panels can last for a long time with little maintenance

The panels are extremely long-lasting. They can last for more than 100 years post-installation. It’s a one-time investment as the panels do not require any repairs for about 40-45 years. The cost of vinyl panels might seem a bit high, but there is no reinvestment on repairs and replacement. 

We offer customization solutions 

The panels have interlocking tongues and grooves for hassle-free and faster installation. The verticals and flat panels are reasonable for residential interiors. When you talk to us about your requirements, where you wish to install the panels, we customize accordingly. The face sheets are made from the best quality PVC material. There are 3-sided ribs inside the panels that are pressed out between the faces. The ribs that remain inside the panel are placed together for easy installation. The installation does not take much time; one local contractor can complete it in a few hours. PVC panels are available in various sizes and thicknesses; tell us about your requirements.  

Save on your energy bills

Trusscore panels are grey and white; the lighter shades make the interior look bright and clean. Upon installing light-reflective vinyl panels, you can save on your energy bills, and it is a continuous process. 

Easy maintenance

Maintaining the vinyl panels is the easiest task on this planet; it takes the least time and is super simple. You require a light detergent and water to clean the panels occasionally. Wipe off the stains or dirt with a damp, soft wet cloth. 

Vinyl panels are environment friendly

The Trusscore technology is changing the way the world sets up interior walls and ceilings. We aim to drive innovation and make sure that the building products are designed to perfection. PVC is reusable and recyclable. 

Choose to install Trusscore panels inside your home or commercial unit. Please refer to our website for more information. Request for a quote now and ask for a free sample panel.