Do not ignore moisture on the walls and ceiling – Install trusscore PVC panels

Moisture-soaked walls and ceilings can become terrible if not taken care of. You have invested a hefty amount in setting up the business. There is a lot to manage but you cannot ignore the commercial interiors. Cover the walls and ceiling with water-resistant coverings like PVC panels.

Hassle-free installation – PVC vs. FRP or Drywall

PVC panel installation is a hassle-free process that does not require excessive material or labor costs. The panels are attached to the studs directly and there are no backers. There are interlocking tongues and grooves for installation. A single contractor can install vinyl panels in 7-8 hours inside a unit. Trusscore panels have a smooth surface that does not attract dirt, impurities and bacteria. The panels are easy to clean and they require no daily maintenance. Wipe the panels with mild soap and water to keep them shining. Wash the PVC panels without worrying about moisture seeping into the panels. FRP panels or Drywall cannot be washed because they absorb moisture. FRP panels or Drywall installation is a costly procedure requiring more than one contractor and additional materials. 

PVC panels – a single time investment

PVC panels are a single-time investment. It is worth paying a little more for one time and not spending on repairs and expensive maintenance. Trusscore panels are long-lasting, they remain in good condition for 40-45 years or more. Do not be swayed by the low cost of FRP panels initially. In the long run, you will end up spending a lot more on repairs and maintenance. FRP panels peel off, get damaged and delaminate within a few years. 

Duramax PVC panels – the advantages

Trusscore panels are made using advanced truss technology. Our expert engineers have done research to combine technology and craftsmanship. The PVC panels are used in different industries including restaurants, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, fisheries, riding stables, breweries, hospitals, fisheries, stables, breweries, etc. Duramax has been manufacturing PVC panels for more than 40 years or even more. We have spent years of extensive research designing innovative wall and ceiling coverings. The panels are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl. The PVC panels are entirely water-resistant, ideal for wet environments. They are covered with an anti-mold coating on their surface. This prevents the formation of mold and bacteria on the panel surface. 

ASTM-certified PVC panels

Duramax PVC Panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. The panels have a Class A 1-hour fire rating that prevents fire hazards. The panels are lightweight, non-porous and do not react to harsh chemicals. Trusscore vinyl panels are white, making the interior spacious and well-lit. The PVC panels are light-reflective which means they equally distribute the reflected light. This lowers the energy bills resulting in long-term savings. 

Final words

PVC panels are suitable for damp interiors where moisture and humidity take a toll. Invest in trusscore vinyl panels and save about 40% on material costs and 50% on labor costs. Ask for a free sample of our PVC panel to check the quality yourself. The PVC panels are shipped to your site within 2 weeks directly from the factory. Please read our website to get information about the panels. Use the Duramax material estimator tool during the phase of project planning. Discuss your project to get customized solutions. Get in touch with us and request a no-obligation quote.