Duramax Wall Panels: Best for Healthcare Facilities

Now, more than ever, the need for strict hygiene and sanitation measures has been prevalent, especially in countries where COVID-19 cases continue to increase. More and more hospitals and clinics need makeshift and even additional permanent facilities to accommodate more patients in the hospital.
As contractors, you are unique in addressing the healthcare system’s issues, and your role is vital. Suggesting the right material to use for the facilities can help a lot in controlling the spread of the virus.


Trusscore Wall Panels by Duramax is the number 1 choice of most healthcare facilities in the US considering hygiene and sanitation. It is widely used for laboratories, clean rooms, hospital wards, and facilities in which hygiene and sanitation are strictly observed.

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Need more proof of product excellence? Trusscore Wall Panels by Duramax meet FDA & USDA (US) and CFIA (Canada) requirements for walls and ceilings for commercial kitchens and food prep areas.


One of its products includes Modular Wall Systems and Microban Aegis Microbe Shield to set up temporary rooms and isolation spaces. Check out one of its products here:


Installation of Trusscore Wall Panels by Duramax is easy, as it doesn’t need Oriented String Board (OSB) backing panels, unlike other wall panels sold in the market. Your installation team needs no glue and adhesives, which takes a lot of time, and manpower. Once installed, clients and their staff need not replace the panels, unlike paint and tiles. Considering manpower, you save many labor costs because its installation can be done by minimal headcount.


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