Forget the dehumidification process and install vinyl panels to control excess humidity

Are you tired of the dehumidification process? Fighting excess moisture is expensive and remains ineffective if the right measures are not used. Tiles and paints are not a proper solution most of the time. 

The vinyl wall panels are taking commercial and residential construction to a whole new level. High-quality panels are manufactured combining nanotechnology and superior materials. Trusscore is the newest technology that helps the panels fight moisture to keep the interior free from humidity. Trusscore PVC panels have some serious benefits compared to all other types of panels. 

PVC panels have high-redundancy

Vinyl Wall Panels installed in commercial and residential interiors. Vinyl panels are used in restaurants, garages, food processing, meat packaging, dairy farms, schools, breweries, workshops, barns, restaurants, grow rooms, and hospitality units…etc. We strive to bring the most effective wall panels to your doorstep within your budget. Our PVC panels are the biggest substitute for FRP. The panels are high-performance, being made of 100% virgin vinyl. The panels are durable and have high redundancy. We can customize panels according to your budget and requirements. Our products also do not attract mold or bacteria. 

Why is FRP not suitable?

You also hear a lot about FRP panels, but why do you think it is not suitable for commercial interiors? FRP panels cannot fight humidity. Its fiber-reinforced plastic but its waterproof properties are lost due to the presence of backers. The backers are attached beneath the panels for installation. But these backers attract moisture allowing it to seep into the panels. What do you think could be the result if moisture seeps into the panels every day? The FRP Panels start delaminating within a few years of installation. Again, the moisture gets trapped between the panels and the walls, which gives birth to bacteria. This damages the walls, and repairs are expensive. 

PVC panels are attached directly to the studs

PVC panels do not have backers, and the panels are attached directly to the studs. Due to the absence of backers, the panels do not pull in moisture. The vinyl panels do not attract moisture at all. The walls are relieved from getting a moisture-filled touch. 

Who would not buy certified panels?

We understand how essential it is for determining the quality. Trusscore panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant. All our panels are checked via an automated process for flaws and defects. The panels are designed using truss technology for durability and superior strength. The products are made of strong polymer formulation that comprises fact sheets, a core, and a triangular cross-sectional shape. PVC panels also have interlocking grooves and tongues for rapid installation. 

 Discuss your project with us 

The installation process is simple and it is three times faster than any other type of wall panel. Our boards adhere to the building code and hygienic construction guidelines.We are here to offer a sustainable solution for residential and commercial purposes. Vinyl panels are long-lasting. They can go up to 100-140 years. Also, the panels do not require any repairs for almost 40-45 years. It is a long-time investment for your walls and ceiling. The panels have a Class A fire rating as per ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method.

Please discuss your requirements with us and get vinyl panels installed. Request a quote.