Give more endurance to the basement walls and ceiling by installing trusscore PVC panels

A basement is a space that lies below the ground and water can easily seep through crossing the 60% mark. The ducts and water pipes can also leak and allow moist air inside. An old basement window is no less vulnerable. Basement condensation takes place when warm and humid air makes contact with the cold basement walls and floor. This can result in more humidity inside. Trusscore PVC panels for walls and ceilings are an ideal solution for damp commercial and residential interiors.

In this blog we will discuss making your basement damp-free. A basement is a very functional space, but how would you make the interior damp-free? Most basements in the USA are connected to the remaining property through openings and ductworks. A lot of people are using basements as living spaces and bedrooms apart from storerooms. A moisture-filled space can be very unhealthy, and you have to get rid of the dampness before you start living there. 

ASTM-certified vinyl panels 

Trusscore PVC panels can be a long-term solution for treating those moist walls and ceilings. Dampness is stubborn; it creeps in and harms the space to a great extent. Painting walls, tiling drywall, plywood is no solution at all. Vinyl is a durable and waterproof material that is used to manufacture panels. All vinyl panels are not of the same quality. Duramax is renowned for manufacturing premium solutions for your walls and ceiling. Trusscore panels are those that are made using truss technology. The Duramax engineers use the most advanced technology and solid craftsmanship to create functional vinyl panels. Our panels come with an anti-bacterial coating so they are free from mold and mildew formation. Trusscore PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. They have a Class A 1-hour fire rating and are chemical resistant. The vinyl boards have interlocking tongues and grooves for enhanced resistivity. This interlocking system aids in featuring a multiwall pattern that makes the panels robust. 

How long can vinyl panels last? 

These amazing panels have a shelf life of almost 100-140 years. But the panels can remain in great condition with little maintenance for almost 40-45 years, which is almost a lifetime. Of course, you invest a little more initially compared to FRP panel cost. But it is worth spending on panels that do not require any expensive maintenance, repairs, or replacement. 

PVC panels – a permanent solution

Investing in PVC panels is a long-term solution that requires no additional investment. FRP Panels are not a permanent solution and not a good choice for damp walls and ceilings. Are you thinking of dehumidification too? It is not a permanent procedure, and it cannot be conducted inside a damp basement. The problems due to dampness would increase, and there will be excessive damage. When the basement air is dried out, moisture accumulates more rapidly which causes spalling of concrete. 

Final words

Trusscore PVC panel installation takes 7-8 hours and can be handled by one expert contractor. The panels are easy to clean and maintain vinyl panels as they do not require regular upkeep. Talk to the experts for a customized solution and reach us for a free consultation—request for a quote.