How do you use the basement of your house? Installing vinyl panels could be an excellent idea

Most homeowners find the basement very useful but difficult to maintain. It is very spacious and can be used as a perfect storeroom. But there is one issue that most homeowners deal with. Dampness in the basement is very common and not very easy to get rid of if you are not taking the right measures. 

Covering the walls and floor with a waterproof material can be a very effective measure to protect the interior from getting damaged. There are various types of materials used as panels, but you should look for a material that does not soak the humidity. This is the reason why vinyl is used to manufacture wall and ceiling panels in the USA. 

Vinyl panels are waterproof and made from 100% virgin vinyl. The panels are ASTM certified, FDA compliant and are tested for quality. The panels have fire as well as chemical resistivity and higher redundancy. Since the panels are moisture-proof, they do not attract or promote mold or any other microorganisms.  

All vinyl panels are not of the same quality. It depends on the quality of the vinyl, the craftmanship, which differs from one company to another. Our trained engineers implement the truss technology to design modern vinyl trusscore PVC panels. This is an advanced technology that is a combination of science and expertise to manufacture functional vinyl panels. 

Trusscore PVC panels have incomparable durability. These panels have improved shelf life and strength. Trusscore panels have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for greater resistivity. The interlocking pattern helps to feature a multiwall structure that offers robustness. 

The cost of PVC panels is a little on the higher side if you compare it to FRP panels. Invest in trusscore vinyl panels once and be rest assured that the panels would not delaminate in the next 40-45 years. FRP is slightly less expensive initially, but it requires huge repair and maintenance costs. It is always feasible to invest in PVC panels once which is a long-term solution. 

It is easy to clean and maintain vinyl panels as they do not require regular upkeep. Occasional cleaning of the panels can be done by wiping the panels with a damp cloth. You can wash the panels without worrying about the panels soaking water.

Trusscore panels have an excellent shelf-life which is close to 100-140 years. Yes, usually the vinyl panels can remain new and in great condition for many years without repairs. Upon installing PVC panels, once you do not have to worry about reinvestment at all. The installation process is simple. Local experts can complete it within a few hours. The panels are attached to the studs directly without any backers. 

Are you planning to install Trusscore vinyl panels in your basement or inside a commercial property? PVC is always a better investment for commercial and residential purposes. Discuss your requirement with the Vinyl Wall Panels team—request a quote.