How trusscore vinyl panels are beneficial for laundry walls and ceiling

Do not panic if your laundry room interior is getting affected by dampness. Laundry is all about washing using water and detergent so the interior requires special care. A moisture-free commercial or residential space will require much less maintenance compared to a space that gets filled with humidity all the time. You already used or heard others using FRP, Drywall or paints, but they are still not satisfied? It is because they still could not install waterproof walls and ceiling coverings. There are various types of wall coverings available in the market, but not all have water-resistant properties. 

It has taken a lot of research and advancement in technology to introduce vinyl panels. Now it has been many years that many customers choose vinyl wall paneling compared to any other. These panels are used to eliminate dampness in homes, schools, car washes, laundries, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, breweries, marinas, laboratories, healthcare facilities, and more. Vinyl covering is a very popular solution in the USA. Many companies manufacture vinyl panels in the USA. Quality is the most important factor that determines the longevity and effectiveness of the solution. We manufacture Trusscore panels that are extremely durable, being made of truss technology. We have a solution for all our clients within the budget and customized according to your requirements. 

Quality-tested and certified vinyl panels 

Install Truscore panels on your laundry walls and ceiling to ensure the interior is not affected by water splashes or excess humidity. The panels are ASTM E84-18-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Also, they are made from 100% pure vinyl which renders durability and superior quality. The trusscore vinyl panels are chemical resistant and have a Class A fire rating. You can trust our quality because the panels are designed combining advanced technology, research, and a skilled workforce. The panels show higher redundancy and they are inspected for top quality before shipping to your location. 

Extremely durable vinyl panels 

Trusscore PVC panels are boon, especially because of their shelf-life. The panels can last for more than 100-140 years, which is an extremely long time. The panels can keep your walls in great condition at least for 40-45 years. This makes sure that the panels can go without much maintenance for a lifetime. Who would not like to install a covering that requires low upkeep? Saving time and cost was always a priority which is even more now. 

Wash or wipe the panels occasionally – no seepage

The waterproof trusscore panels are cleaned by washing without worrying about the panels soaking in moisture. The PVC panels do not attract moisture and the smooth surface repels bacteria or microorganisms. Wipe the panels occasionally to keep them in good condition. With vinyl panels, you do not need to clean the walls and ceiling daily. This saves extra maintenance costs and time. 

Customize according to your requirements 

Trusscore panels are available in two shades, grey and white. Vinyl Wall Panels are available in ½ inch thickness, the width is about 16,” and the length of the panels can vary within 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, we also customize the length according to your requirements. The surface of the panels is impermeable and non-porous. 

PVC – a popular cladding solution

PVC panels are a very popular cladding solution in the USA. The panels do not require huge installation costs. There is no investment in purchasing additional materials. Only one contractor is sufficient for a few hours’ installations. Talk to our experts for a consultation and project discussion—request a free sample and a quote.