Increase The Quality Of Your Home And Work Space With Trusscore PVC Panels

Dull living room walls can make your living room look boring and unattractive. It is common for bathroom walls to get moist and damaged during the monsoons. The dampness can accelerate mildew and mold growth on the bathroom wall tiles. As a homeowner, you might be thinking of new ways to make repairs or renovate your backyard or home interiors. With Trusscore panels, you add vibrancy and durability to your walls and ceilings. Trusscore PVC panels have several advantages over tiles and FRP. Vinyl Wall Panels have several noteworthy characteristics:



Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board comes in various construction lengths, including 20′, 16′, 12′, and 10′. You can get a custom length to suit your specific needs. These panels have a width of 16″.


Antibacterial Features

Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board panels are useful as they don’t allow animal waste, moisture, and dirt to pass through them. They can protect your walls as they are chemical resistant too. These Trusscore panels, unlike commonly used materials such as plywood, do not encourage mold growth. Its mold-resistant and antibacterial properties meet the FDA & USDA (US) standards for ceilings and walls.

These properties of Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board make it an ideal fit for places that need to maintain strict hygienic requirements and standards like hospitals, laboratories, and food processing facilities. Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board is a perfect choice as it is easy to clean, low maintenance, and offers durable solutions. During the current pandemic, you will significantly benefit from these Trusscore ceiling and wall panels.


Environmental Impact

Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board is a thermoplastic plastic product that is recyclable. You can make pure and new PVC sheets out of old PVC sheets by turning them into micro pieces and then refining them by removing impurities from these pieces. These panels have a lifespan of approximately 40 years and are up to 7 times recyclable. You can safely work with them by employing regular construction practices.



Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board panels are resistant to UV light and have a bright, clean white appearance. It is not prone to weather-damage and will never change its color due to any reason.



Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board is known for providing long-term interior cladding solutions. These ceiling and wall panels maintain high hygiene standards suitable for manufacturing, food, and healthcare environments. You can use bleach or soap, and water to power wash these panels and keep them looking clean and bright. Its non-porous and smooth finish drains and repels moisture without holding water in the panels. It is a perfect fit for places that require frequent cleanings.



As Trusscore Wall & CeilingBoard does not require refinishing, replacing, and repainting, it signifies a lifetime of savings for you. As compared to traditional FRP, these panels involve 50% labor-saving and 40% less material cost. Unlike other wall systems such as painted drywall, it is cost-effective.

Trusscore PVC panels are the perfect fit for residential and commercial complexes. You can discuss your specific requirements with us and get PVC panels installed at your home or office. Contact us today to fix an appointment.