Install ASTM certified Trusscore vinyl panels to control the dampness

PVC panels are not a new concept but unfortunately it was not considered beneficial for many years. But now PVC as a new market, it’s a modern and well-accepted wall panelling option. Rather, it’s the only wall and ceiling panel that are installed inside damp and humid residential and commercial interiors. Due to technological advancements Trusscore panels were introduced.

100% waterproof vinyl panels:

Trusscore panels possess interlocking tongues and grooves which give higher resistance to the panels. Vinyl panels can endure abuse, it’s smooth and hygienic. The benefit of an interlocking panel is that it features a multiwall structure. It also offers excellent durability and strength.

The panels are ASTM certified, FDA complaint and quality-assured. Trusscore panels are made from truss technology. The panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl, waterproof, highly resistant to heat, cold, fire and chemicals. The panels have a 1-hour fire grade which forbids sudden hazards. 

The benefits of Trusscore panels:

Here are some of the benefits of Trusscore panels in brief:

  •   A perfect replacement for conventional walls
  •   Cost-effective in the long-run
  •   Resistant to mold, bacteria and corrosion
  •   The inner design of the truss is strong and rigid
  •   The weight to strength ratio is superior
  •   Easily transportable and lightweight
  •   Hygienic and elegant appearance
  •   Low maintenance, you can only wipe and clean
  •   Class A fire rating
  •   Attic insulation load support
  •   Easy and quick to install
  •   Hidden fasteners offer smooth finish
  •   10 years of limited warranty

Panels for residential and commercial use:

Trusscore PVC panels are ideal for residential and commercial use. The core is made of poly vinyl chloride which is sandwiched in the middle of the face sheets. The panels have ribs that form an interlocking framework. This gives durability and strength to the panels. The vinyl panels do not allow water infiltration. Trusscore PVC panels are designed keeping in mind the hygiene rules and certain state guidelines.

Our panels last for 40-45 years:

Trusscore boards in the USA are crafted of innovation ideal for homes, car washes, commercial kitchens, fisheries, grow rooms, car washes, food processing, rest rooms and more. Vinyl panels are long-lasting, they can last for almost 40-45 years without daily maintenance. Installing in vinyl panels is a lifetime solution. Initially investing in vinyl panels might seem a little expensive initially which is worth in the long-run. The panels do not delaminate so there is no recurring investment on repairs and replacement.

Save on energy bills:

Trusscore vinyl panels are white, bright and light-reflective. The panels can equally distribute reflected light and this helps to save energy bills. The panels are very smooth, they do not attract dirt, grime and bacteria. Trusscore vinyl panels are accessible in grey and white color, the thickness is ½ inch, 16” width, and you can choose the length among 10”, 12”, 16”, 20” or you can also customize the length as per your requirements.

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