Install Trusscore PVC panels when moisture is the biggest concern

Moisture is a bigger concern than anything else when it comes to residential and commercial property maintenance. No amount of paint or tiles can work to keep dampness away from the ceiling or walls on a long-term basis. Building a house or establishing a commercial setup already takes a lot of investment. You surely wish to keep the maintenance costs minimum. Did you try installing wall panels or vinyl wall panels, to be precise? Vinyl is used to make quality wall and ceiling panels to ensure that the interior is waterproof. 


Vinyl Trusscore panels are extremely long-lasting so that they can last for almost 100-140 years. PVC panels do not require any rigorous maintenance for about 40-45 years. So, investing in PVC panels is a saving in the long run. Now you know why you can afford to invest in the vinyl wall and ceiling panels. The price of vinyl panels might seem a little higher initially, but it is a one-time investment. If you compare vinyl to FRP panels, you should know that FRP costs a little low, but the panels are not at all long-lasting. The cost of installation to excessive expenses on repairs makes FRP not the ideal choice. 

High performing vinyl panels 

Trusscore panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl. They are used in restaurants, garages, food processing, meat packaging, dairy farms, schools, breweries, workshops, barns, restaurants, grow rooms, fisheries, hospitals, and more. Trusscore PVC panels are waterproof and have high redundancy. The panels are resistant to heat, cold, impact, pressure and bacteria. The panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant. All our panels boast of high performance and are checked for quality before shipping. PVC panels have a Class a fire rating which can keep away sudden fire accidents. Trusscore PVC panels keep the interior moisture-free and odor-free.


Light-reflective PVC panels 

Trusscore PVC panels are available in grey and white color. PVC panels can lower your energy bills which is another benefit. In addition, PVC panels are light-reflective, which means that the panels can equally distribute the reflected light. 

Hassle-free cleaning

Cleaning Trusscore PVC panels is a simple task as the panels do not pull much dirt, bacteria or impurities. The Trusscore panels have a very smooth surface without any creases. You can wash the panels without worrying that the panels would attract a lot of moisture.

Simple and quick installation

It takes a few hours, about 6-7 hours, to install Trusscore PVC panels. The installation takes place 3 times faster compared to FRP or any other wall panels. PVC panels also have interlocking grooves and tongues for faster installation. Hire a trained and expert contractor for an affordable installation.              

Request for a quote

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