Installing Trusscore panels is a smart choice to control moisture and humidity

The commercial sectors prefer to have waterproof wall panels installed in their working space. The Trusscore panels are a good choice considering their water-resistant properties and durability. Vinyl wall panels are highly recommended for commercial spaces, especially where the environment is wet and moist. In addition, car wash garages, grow rooms, dairy parlors, restaurants, shipping containers, kennels, and many more commercial sectors want high-quality Trusscore wall panels protecting the walls and ceiling from damage. Vinyl Wall Panels are one of the top-notch industry leaders to get you high-quality panels made from 100% virgin vinyl. Here are a few things that make Trusscore panels a big favorite.

Waterproof panels with excellent durability

The Trusscore panels have a total lifespan of 140 years and get recycled 7xtimes. The high-quality wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl have excellent moisture resistance. The panels are not vulnerable to water vapor and are ideal for commercial interiors. Once installed, the panels can last for 45 years without needing repairs, refinishing, or replacements. The vinyl panels get manufactured with advanced technologies and Truss technology, making them exceptionally strong and resilient. The sturdy wall panels are resistant to high impacts and do not get damaged even after repeated abuse. Installing strong wall panels in dairy farms, kennels and shelters can be a great choice.

Hygienic wall panels are an asset

Hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and Cannabis grow rooms need hygienic wall panels to cover the walls and ceilings. PVC panels maintain the highest cleanroom sanitary conditions. The wall panels are anti-bacterial and resistant to mold, mildew, and microbes. The high-quality wall panels have a smooth surface and do not allow dirt, filth, or debris to accumulate at the surface. With no fissures, the panels don’t harbor hidden bacteria, food particles, or filth.

The PVC panels are extremely easy to maintain and do not require regular deep cleaning. Just wiping the wall panels with a damp cloth and detergent is enough for the upkeep. The high-quality wall panels are resistant to chemicals, making bleaching a good option to wipe and clean the wallboard. Vinyl Wall Panels get you customized PVC wallboard that meets and exceeds the FDA and CFIA standards. The ASTM-certified panels are safe and non-toxic for commercial usage in food processing units, restaurants, and commercial kitchens.

Fire-resistant wall panels

To prevent an unprecedented outbreak, warehouses, commercial garages, and many other industrial sectors require fire-resistant wall panels. Vinyl wall panels have a 1-hour Class A fire-grade resistivity. PVC panels are non-combustible and don’t get ignited easily. Installing vinyl panels gives you peace of mind, especially if your commercial space is prone to fire accidents.

Installation in just 7 hours

Wall paneling is an added asset for your business. Installing wall panels in just 7 hours or less would be amazing. Vinyl Wall Panels arrive in DIY kits and get installed with the help of one person within 7 hours. You can even make the installation quicker by hiring two people to do the job. Vinyl panels require no backers and have the fastest installation time than other wall paneling options.

Wrapping up

Get the Trusscore panels customized and shipped at factory-direct prices within two weeks. For a no-obligation quotation, get in touch with our experts. Avail of your complimentary sample and book a free consultation now.