Investing in Trusscore vinyl panels is a savings in the long run

Are you looking for a wall paneling material for your commercial or residential space? There are various types of wall panels available in the market, but not all have waterproof qualities and other advantages like vinyl. All vinyl panels do not have the same quality; it depends on the manufacturer. Trusscore technology combines science and quality; the panels are extremely durable made from top quality vinyl. The panels are made in the USA and are very effective in moist interiors

Certified and quality vinyl panels: 

Vinyl panels are extremely durable, affordable and offer a solution based on your requirements. We offer customized solutions to all our clients. Our panels are ASTM certified and FDA compliant; this ensures the quality. Quality is the essential factor; we do not compromise at all. We have a team of experts who run an automated quality check on our products. We are among the most reputed PVC panel manufacturers, and we have a solid client base. 


PVC panels have no backers:

Trusscore panels can last for many years without showing any signs of delamination. PVC panels do not have backers, ensuring that no moisture gets into the panels, and the walls are also not damaged. The panels are attached directly to the studs and do not require any extra material or labor for installation. Only one contractor is sufficient for the installation; two contractors can only speed up the process. 

The uses of Trusscore panels: 

Trusscore panels are used across various industrial sectors. Our panels are used in residential walls and ceilings, agricultural facilities, meat packaging plants, food processing, car washes, schools, marinas, healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, supermarkets, laboratories, and laundromat. Trusscore panels are easy to clean and do not require any regular maintenance. The panels can last for many years, almost 40-45 years, almost for a lifetime. 

Customizable vinyl panels:

Trusscore PVC panels are available in ½ inch thickness; the width is 16,” and the length can vary among 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, and the length is customizable. The panels are available in white and grey colors. The panels are non-porous, have a waterproof nature; also, the panels have 1-hour fire-resistant. Vinyl panels do not react to any chemicals; they have superb resistivity. 

Light-reflective vinyl panels: 

Vinyl panels are light-reflective; the panels can distribute the reflected light equally. This helps you to save on energy charges in the long term. So, if you have read the blog, you know the several benefits of vinyl panels. 

PVC – cost saving in the long run:

Now, are you worried about the cost? PVC panels are initially more expensive compared to FRP when you purchase. Do not hesitate due to the cost; it’s entirely worth it. But post-installation, as years pass by, you realize that PVC is a saving in the long run. Once installed, our panels do not require any repairs or replacement. 

Final words: 

If you ever installed FRP panels, you are aware of the drawbacks you have faced. If you have a residential or commercial to renovate or a new space, install Trusscore vinyl panels. Please visit our website for more information. Choose to have an expert consultation.