Is the dampness inside your bathroom bothering you a lot?

Many homeowners are bothered about dampness in the bathroom or kitchen and look for a long-term solution. Dampness can be dangerous as it can ruin your property to a huge extent. There are various methods to reduce dampness and not let them take away the paint or tiles on the walls. If you are looking for a proven method, vinyl panels can be a good option. Vinyl is a tough and durable material that is now popular for its waterproofing properties. It is used to make top-quality panels for residential and commercial use.

Trusscore vinyl panels – Its importance

Various methods and procedures are implemented to design vinyl panels. But the truss technology is a unique method to design trusscore vinyl panels. These panels are designed using 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures premium quality vinyl panels. The trusscore vinyl panels bear immense strength and durability. These PVC panels have tongues and grooves that interlock with one another. This makes the vertical and horizontal installation process easier. The PVC panel is used across various industries, including grow rooms, car washes, schools, hospitals, restaurants, commercial kitchens, the food processing industry, homes, and more. These panels are waterproof and repel mold and bacteria from their surface.

ASTM- certified panels do not delaminate

The Trusscore face sheets are made from extracted polyvinyl chloride. The triangular ribs in the inner sides are squeezed out between the two faces. The inner ribs have a lot of strength and durability. This is quite an efficient way to have linear wall panels. Trusscore panels are available in 16” width, and the length includes 10”, 12” 16” and 20” according to your requirements. You can get customized panels according to your requirements. The panels are resistive against chemicals and fire too. They have a Class A fire rating. Trusscore panels are ASTM-certified and come with a quality seal to your doorstep. Trusscore panels are available in white and grey color; this makes the interior bright and hygienic. PVC panels do not warp, delaminate and swell.

Light-reflective and low maintenance wall panels

Trusscore vinyl panels are light-reflective. The panels can equally distribute the reflected light. You can save on your energy bills on a long-term basis. The PVC panels are non-porous and non-permeable. The vinyl panels do not require any serious maintenance. The panels can last for 40-45 years without any upkeep. Wipe the panels occasionally with a wet cloth and detergent. You can also wash the panels with water without having to worry about humidity and dampness.

Get customized and premium panels

Installing wall panels can make your interior beautiful and professional. Are you planning to install vinyl panels in your bathroom? Install Trusscore vinyl panels from Vinyl Wall Panels in the USA. We customize the panels according to your requirements. Vinyl Wall Panels are a combination of premium material and advanced technology. We had installed vinyl panels during the COVID-19 pandemic when people needed a lot of spaces to isolate.

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