It seems that businesses were eagerly waiting for the advent of PVC panels – an unimaginable demand

Vinyl panels are heavily used for the interiors especially in the commercial sector. These panels have certain benefits that other walls and ceiling covering materials do not possess. For years, people have been waiting for this solution. We understand this when we see the demand for PVC panels in sectors like grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, breweries, fisheries, supermarkets, laboratories, laundries and more. All PVC panels do not have a similar quality, it varies depending on the quality of raw vinyl used. Trusscore panels are used by implementing truss technology, a combination of technology and engineering. There are various benefits of PVC panels and it has replaced other types of panels. 

Easy to install vinyl panels

Vinyl panels are easy to install with no extra material and labor costs. No backers are needed, so there is no worrying about moisture seepage or higher costs. The panels are attached to the studs with fasteners that are not visible. They have interlocking tongues and grooves for quick and easy installation. One contractor can install vinyl panels inside a single unit within 7-8 hours.

Vinyl panels – a long-term and worthy investment

PVC panels are a lifetime solution and are extremely long-lasting. Vinyl panels can last for a minimum of 45-50 years and even for 100 years. FRP Panels cost slightly less compared to PVC trusscore panels. But, the price of FRP panels increases to double the cost of the raw panels after the expensive installation. Despite that, FRP panels are not long-lasting. They delaminate and peel off within a few hours. The cost of Duramax PVC panels increases only by 5$ during the installation process. 

Trusscore PVC panels – water-resistant and certified panels

Duramax designs trusscore panels for various clients in the USA for the last 40 years. We perform constant research in developing the quality of PVC panels. Duramax panels are water-resistant, freeing the walls and ceiling from humidity and dampness. The vinyl panels are shielded with an antibacterial covering that prevents mold and mildew accumulation. The panels are resistant to impacts and abuses, they are durable. PVC panels are resistant to chemicals and have a 1-hour Class A fire grade. The panels are ½ inch thick and combined with a webbed inner truss design. They are robust, and have the rigidity that supports attic insulation loads. The PVC panels are lightweight and non-porous. Duramax panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-certified. PVC panels are available in white color. They are light-reflective that can help in saving energy bills. 

Get money-back guarantee

PVC trusscore panels are a solution to your wall and ceiling covering requirements. Duramax panels once installed do not require replacement. Duramax guarantees quality panels and offers a $ 25000 money-back guarantee. Vinyl panels would last almost 4 times as long as FRP and can be 7x times more than FRP Panels. Duramax panels are designed and customized to outperform old FRP panels. Our panels have been designed adhering to the latest techniques and standards. Businesses have relied on certified panels. 

Final words

PVC panels are shipped directly to your site from the factory within 2 weeks. Place your order directly for faster shipping. Discuss your project with the team and we have a customized solution for you—request a quote. Ask for a free sample.