Know everything about Trusscore panels and why it’s a better alternative to FRP wallboard

Trusscore panels made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are widely recommended by experts for their excellent water-resistant capabilities. As a result, business owners and homeowners are looking for a better alternative to FRP panels. Wall panels need to have three distinctive characteristics. They need to be durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain. 


However, Trusscore PVC panels do much more than that. The vinyl wall panels made from 100% virgin vinyl get manufactured with Truss technology to provide outstanding strength and extreme durability. In addition, there are other key features of Trusscore panels that make them the ideal wall paneling choice.


As per ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method, the Trusscore panels have a Class A fire rating with a flame spread index of 15 and a smoke development index of 450. The high-quality panels prevent the spread of fire and smoke to ensure the safety of life and property. The Trusscore PVC panels are ideal for kitchens, restaurants and places where fire and smoke can threaten human life. 


The Trusscore PVC panels are impervious to dirt, moisture and animal waste. The panels are resistant to bacteria, molds and microbes. Due to its excellent mold-resistivity and anti-bacterial properties, the Trusscore panels meet the quality standards laid out by the FDA and USDA departments. The panels are super easy to clean and maintain, making them a perfect wall paneling choice for food processing units, laboratories, hospitals and so on. After the Covid-19 pandemic has struck the world, the need for anti-bacterial and mold-resistant panels have shot up higher. 


Waterproof and light-reflective PVC wall panels – Better than FRP wallboard

The Trusscore PVC panels are lightweight, light-reflective and waterproof. The non-toxic wall panels are a better alternative to FRP panels for a variety of reasons. FRP panel installation is hectic as you need wooden backers, adhesives and mounted rivets for the installation. Skilled laborers get hired for installing FRP panels that takes time and proper maintenance is mandatory. The Trusscore panels come in a DIY installation kit with a user-friendly guide. The vinyl panels have studs and hidden fasteners that offer a smooth, seamless and hassle-free installation. The low-maintenance PVC panels last for more than 40 years with absolutely no repairs or replacements. FRP panels need regular repairs and need to get replaced every few years as they peel off, delaminate or crack with time. The waterproof PVC panels do not peel off, rot or delaminate and offer better protection to the walls. 

Eco-friendly panels

If you think that PVC is made from plastic and is not environmentally-friendly, you are wrong. PVC panels are extremely durable and have a lifespan of around 140 years or even more. The waste material of PVC is recyclable and can get recycled up to 7x times. Like most thermoplastic products, the panels are highly sturdy, lightweight with extremely low processing costs. 

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