Know why trusscore PVC panels are becoming popular in the commercial sector

What are the reasons for which trusscore PVC panels are gaining prominence? These panels are crafted according to your requirements for those humid commercial interiors and for those walls that cannot breathe easy due to moisture. FRP panels tend to crumble and delaminate within a very short time.

White PVC panels or colorful FRP Panels?

Trusscore PVC panels are extremely long-lasting and some could even last for 100-140 years. Usually upon maintaining them once a year, the panels can last for 45 to 50 years easily. The panels are available in an elegant white color that do not tarnish at all. If you are tempted to invest in colorful FRP panels, you must remember that they fade with time. White vinyl sheets are light-reflective which results in low energy bills. Wash the panels anytime or wipe occasionally with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning gel.

Why choose Duramax PVC panels

Duramax PVC Panels in the USA is a premium brand that designs wall and ceiling panels for commercial use. The ½ inch panels are certified and can stand the test of time. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and comply with the FDA guidelines. They have been manufacturing panels from 100% virgin vinyl for the last 40 years. Duramax panels are installed in car washes, commercial kitchens, poultry farms, shipping containers, grow rooms, restaurants, riding stables, and breweries, etc.

The vinyl sheets are completely waterproof which is the biggest advantage. No percentage of humidity can creep into the panels or beneath them. They protect the walls and ceiling like no other. The insulated panels are coated with a covering of antibacterial material that prevents the growth of mold. The sheets are odor resistant, do not react to harsh agents and have a 1-hour Class A fire grade for flame resistivity. It costs only a mere $5 to install Duramax’s trussocre PVC panels. Anybody could afford a vinyl panel installation. A local contractor can install vinyl sheets within 7 to 8 hours inside a unit.

PVC Panels – a sound investment

By now you might be already thinking that installing trusscore PVC panels inside your commercial space could be worth it. Yes, absolutely it is because vinyl panels are a lifetime solution. It is not a burden to invest in PVC panels, install and maintain. You can cut 40% of the material costs and about 50% of the labor costs by choosing to install Duramax’s PVC panels. These sheets are free from toxins and can be reused several times and also recycled completely. Compared to FRP Panels, vinyl sheets can be recycled 7 times more than the former. The panels are shipped to your site location from our factory unit directly within 2 weeks.

Final words

Do you know that the best wall panels do not require replacement? Our panels are made in the USA inside our own factory in the USA. Please ask for a free sample of Duramax’s vinyl panel and you can assess the quality yourself. Please refer to our website for information on PVC panels. Do a comparative study of PVC vs FRP panels to make a smart choice. Book a consultation and we do not charge you anything at all for expert advice. We offer customized solutions after you have discussed your project requirements and the budget with us. Request a no-obligation quote.