Know why Trusscore Vinyl Panels are superior in every way

PVC panels can be the best investment for turning a moisture-filled space into a dry and waterproof one. Still, there are different wall panels available in the market, but again ‘vinyl’ stands as the best for its moisture-resistant and long-lasting characteristics. Vinyl panel is one of the most popular wall paneling systems in the USA. Purchasing these high-quality, ASTM certified Trusscore panels can be an added advantage for humid walls and ceiling.

Most residential and commercial spaces have complaints of wall dampness and excessive moisture retention. Moreover, dampness needs to be avoided to keep the place clean and stop bacterial breeding and mold development. Warmth and moisture arrest microbial growth, install the Trusscore panels. The panels are designed using the scientific Truss technology which gives solid strength to the panels. 

trusscore panels

Trusscore Panels – Lifetime Solution

These panels are unbending which means they are sturdy and not flexible. These PVC panels are used in vehicle wash places, kitchens, bathrooms, restrooms, food processing units, grow rooms, schools, restaurants and so on. The panels are strong and the simple installation process without backers offers them a perfect fit. This ensures that the panels do not attract moisture, and can last for years keeping the walls in great condition. The Trusscore panels have a reputation to last for almost a lifetime which is more than 40 years, without showing any significant signs of delamination. 

Trusscore Panels – 100% Virgin Vinyl used

The best quality of the Trusscore panels is that they are made from 100% virgin vinyl materials. The vinyl is pure, hence panels made using this are durable. This makes the quality of these PVC panels go notches higher than others. 

Trusscore Panels – Best during Covid-19 pandemic 

The panels and ceiling boards from Trusscore requires very little maintenance and cleaning. Just clean them routinely with a damp soft fabric and it’s done. The anti-bacterial and mold resistant characteristics ensure that your space meets the best highest hygiene conditions. This is another reason why laboratories, hospitals and food processing units trust and prefer Trusscore for paneling system rather than any other alternative. We can tell you that it’s the perfect panel during this pandemic situation. 

Trusscore Panels – Less Toxic and more environment friendly

These panels are resistant to chemicals and repel dirt, moisture and animal waste. It is non-porous and helps drain water easily facilitating a clean and dry look. Under normal working conditions with adequate ventilation, toxicity is an unlikely event.  

The panels are environmentally-friendly as it’s made with thermoplastic products which can be easily recycled. The PVC sheets are turned into micro pieces and impurities are removed, redefining and making the PVC new and pure once again. The Trusscore panels have a lifespan of 140 years and can be recycled up to 7x times.

Trusscore Panels – Your cost-effective choice

The panels are cost-effective in the long run. This is because the PVC material is moisture-resistant and doesn’t allow moisture to stay on the surface. Therefore, the panels don’t rot and stay clean for a long time. The PVC panels do not need any repair or replacement for at least 40 years. The durability quotient of these panels also adds up to the affordability aspect of the Trusscore panels. 

Final words

Want to invest in high-quality Trusscore panels for your commercial or residential space? We have arrangements ready for everyone and would match with your necessities. Request a quote and ask your free sample. For more information related to PVC panels, you are welcome to surf our website.