Knowing about Trusscore vinyl panels and their several advantages

PVC panel is the latest and the most successful invention in the world of wall panels. Vinyl panels are ruling the market for their several advantages. Wall paneling is a very common solution for commercial and residential spaces that fight humidity and dampness. Various technological advancements are implemented to manufacture high-quality vinyl panels. All panels are not the same as it differs on the manufacturing. The biggest challenge is to find out the most renowned manufacturer. A lot of people in the USA prefer installing vinyl panels as a long-term solution. There are many ways to eliminate humidity from the interiors, but vinyl panels are considered permanent.  

ASTM-certified trusscore vinyl panels

Trusscore is a premium quality vinyl panel that is manufactured combining science and technology. The panels have interlocking tongues and grooves, which offer high resistance to the vinyl panels. Vinyl panels have a lot of endurance. The panels can resist excessive impact and have high redundancy. The interlocking panels are beneficial as it boasts of a multiwall structure. Trussscore panels have a very smooth surface that does not attract dirt and bacteria. The panels have huge strength and durability. Vinyl panels are ASTM-certified and FDA-compliant. This makes sure that all panels are checked for quality before it is shipped to your site. 

Customize according to your requirements

Trusscore panels are bright, having a white or grey color. Lighter shade panels make the interior look cleaner. The panels are light-reflective, which is considered long-term savings. The panels can distribute the reflected light equally, which helps to save energy bills for the long term. The thickness is ½ inch, 16” width, and you can choose the length among 10”, 12”, 16”, 20” or customize the length as per your requirements. Trusscore panels are waterproof as they are made of 100% virgin vinyl. The panels also have a 1-hour fire grade which forbids sudden fire hazards for almost an hour. 

Vinyl panels actually help to save in long term

Trusscore boards are used in homes, car washes, commercial kitchens, fisheries, grow rooms, car washes, food processing, restrooms, and more. Vinyl panels are extremely long-lasting. The panels can remain in great condition for almost more than a century. The panels do not require repairs for almost 40-45 years. Vinyl is a little expensive but it saves in the long run. The panels do not delaminate, so there is no recurring investment in repairs and replacement. Trusscore panels are lightweight and can be transported easily. It is very inexpensive to install vinyl panels as it does not require any extra material. One contractor is sufficient for completing the same-day installation in a few hours. 

Ask for a free PVC panel sample

Vinyl panel that does not require daily cleaning. Wipe the panels with damp cloth and soap occasionally to keep them clean. We also have a responsive team that can visit your site to take the required measurements. Visit our website for more information. Get a 10 years limited warranty on our panels and request a quote.