Learn why PVC panels are gaining popularity in the USA and worldwide

There are various wall and ceiling panels available but the popularity of trusscore PVC panels is soaring high. Vinyl panels have advantages and it is gradually replacing drywall, plywood, plasterboard, FRP panels, tiled concrete, PVC siding, steel panels and tiled concrete.

Light-reflective PVC panels

Trusscore PVC panels are available in white shad, making the interior look spacious and well-lit. Trusscore panels are light-reflective, so installing inside spaces where light is necessary is wise. The panels can equally distribute reflected light. This keeps the monthly energy bills low because you require installing fewer LED lights to light up the space. The installation process is very simple and a single contractor can install the panels within 7-8 hours. The panels have tongues and grooves for quick installation. PVC panels do not have backers, they are attached to the studs to be reused. 

Long-lasting trusscore panels

Trusscore PVC panels are available in varying customized lengths and the width remains fixed at 16″. The panels are ideal for humid commercial interiors like car washes, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, poultry, riding stables, shipping containers and more. Vinyl panels have a greater shelf-life than any other wall and ceiling panel. They remain in decent condition for 45-50 years without requiring any repairs. There is no spending on additional or regular maintenance. Trusscore panels boast a smooth surface that does not attract dust, grime and impurities. Wipe the panels with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent to keep them clean. Wash the panels with water when required without worrying about moisture seepage. 

Are you worried about the higher price of PVC panels?

A single-time is always cost-effective compared to recurring expenses if you install FRP panels. PVC panels cost a little more than other wall panels, but it is a one-time investment. FRP panels on the other hand are not very expensive initially but you need to spend frequently on repairs. FRP panels peel off, warp and delaminate easily. 

Duramax PVC Panels

 Duramax PVC Panels is a USA-based company that designs premium PVC panels. The vinyl panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This gives robustness and durability to the panels. PVC panels are water-resistant which leaves the inner walls and ceiling dry. They are also coated with antibacterial and anti-mold covering. Duramax experts customize trusscore PVC panels based on your needs and budget. PVC panels are non-porous, lightweight and can be recycled. The panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Vinyl panels control the odor, do not react to chemicals and have a 1-hour Class- A Fire rating. Duramax PVC Panels are used for various commercial purposes. 

Final words

Please refer to the Duramax website to shop for trusscore PVC panels online and know more about PVC panels’ benefits. You can also visit our store to shop for vinyl panels. Our vinyl panels, once installed, do not require replacement. We offer a money-back guarantee in case the panels get damaged post-installation. Save 40% of the material cost and 50% of the labor costs by investing in Duramax PVC panels. The PVC panels are shipped to your site within 2 weeks directly to the factory. Please contact us for a free consultation. Ask for a free sample and request a quote.