Let not dampness haunt your commercial or residential interiors – Install Trusscore PVC panels

Vinyl panels are being utilized in different areas. They are ideal for business, residential and private use. It’s a pragmatic answer for forestalling the dampness of the interiors. Moisture and humidity can prompt sogginess and PVC boards are well-known for checking the development of microbes and wetness on the walls and ceiling. 

Durable and Affordable: 

Vinyl Wall Panels are now even more preferred to paint and tiles. There are various sorts of wall panels available in the market. However, PVC has various benefits contrasted with the other kids. No other wall panel is as durable and affordable as vinyl.  


Trusscore Vinyl Wall Panels is a mix of predominant quality material and science. Our vinyl panels are manufactured, keeping in mind the state laws and following modern development procedures. The sheets are produced, remembering the legal construction standards in the USA. PVC Trusscore panels are an option compared to drywall, plasterboard, compressed wood, FRP, lightweight PVC siding, tiled cement, and steel boards. 

Long lasting: 

Trusscore panels are solid and long-lasting. They are produced using the highest-quality and 100% virgin vinyl. Trusscore innovation is utilized and this makes the vinyl panels much more tough and impeccable. You can rely on our panels. They are a one-time investment that lasts for a lifetime. 

Easy to install:

Trusscore PVC is simple and easy to install as they have interlocking grooves and tongues. This makes vertical establishment simpler, causing the panels ideal for interior applications. The vinyl face sheets are made from the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that is separated. The inner sides have three-sided ribs that are pressed out between both the appearances. The inward ribs are known for their solidarity. Our panels are attached directly to the studs and do not require backers. It takes a few hours to install successfully with just one local contractor. 


Trusscore PVC panels are instrumental in battling abundance dampness and moisture. For example, a business kitchen and a washroom should have the best quality waterproof vinyl panels on the walls and ceiling to make the interior damp-free. This ensures that the interior is not harmed by water sprinkles or moisture build-up.

Better than FRP: 

Trust only vinyl panels and no other. FRP is not a solution for damp or humid interiors. These panels have backers that pull in a lot of moisture. The wetness harms and delaminates the panels, also goes into the walls to cause further damage. Finally, you would have to reinvest, and that would cause a good deal of expense. PVC panels do not have backers; they are your most ideal solution for damp interiors. 


Vinyl panels are manufactured in 16″ width and the length incorporates 10″, 12″ 16″, and 20″. We additionally modify as indicated by your necessities; we customize for you. The boards help to keep the inside hygienic and clean. Our panes have a Class A fire rating and adhere to the ASTM E84-18 norm. 


Trusscore panels are here to cater to all types of requirements within your budget. Refer to our website for more information. You can connect without our experts and request us for a free sample.