Montana Cannabis Legalization: Choose the Best Wall Panel System

Montana Cannabis Legalization: Choose the Best Wall Panel System

This year, Montana joins four other states such as Arizona, Mississippi, New Jersey, and South Dakota in legalizing the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

We’ve been receiving inquiries about our Trusscore wall panels from clients from Montana, Arizona, Mississippi, New Jersey, and South Dakota about our Trusscore PVC Wall Paneling System. They are planning to open their own indoor grow rooms. We’re here to shed some light on why you should also join the bandwagon.

As facility owners, you are into producing quality yields to attract cannabis enthusiasts. Quality produce means higher revenue. To achieve such, one should also keep in mind that capitalizing with the right materials for your growing room counts a lot. Whether you are a budding grow room owner or a pro, Duramax Team is here to assist you.

With our Trusscore PVC Wall Panels, growing your cannabis is hassle-free. Why? Because our Trusscore wall panels create an ideal environment for plant cultivation and plant nourishment.


Cannabis requires a certain level of lighting to achieve its optimal growth. It is important to have an equal distribution of illumination, so plants grow the same. Our vinyl boards are white-colored, giving a hygienic look into your grow room, and more importantly, it mirrors light saving you electricity charges over time. Poor lighting makes unhealthy yield and not of selling quality. Read more of its light-reflecting feature here.

Duramax Trusscore wall panels have so many benefits for cannabis indoor grow rooms. Get to know more about these benefits here.

Low maintenance

No need for expensive cleaning materials or even hiring a professional cleaning company for your Trusscore PVC Wall Panels. Cleaning is simple and inexpensive. It neither does require repainting to make it look good.


Trusscore PVC Wall Panels last a long time, and by that, we mean durability. You can never go wrong choosing our wall panels because you are choosing the product that maintains its pristine quality for years while continuously serving its purpose. As long as you don’t use hazardous chemicals, they are good to go. Duramax Trusscore PVC Wall Panels also have a 1-hour fire grade making them fire-proof.

We would love to show you more. Here are some of the case studies you can check to explain how we design your walls. Check out our actual wall and ceiling panels here.

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