New Jersey Cannabis Legalization: Choose the Best Wall Panels

New Jersey Cannabis Legalization: Choose the Best Wall Panels

You heard it right! Cannabis is now legal in New Jersey. 

State lawmakers passed the bill decriminalizing the use of cannabis in New Jersey with conditionalities. But amidst uncertainties, what is clear now is companies can start upgrading their grow rooms to commence that bigger weed business, this time, with much for freedom on selling to a wider and diverse market.

Please take note that:

“If you are looking to grow weed in New Jersey, you will need to be prepared. While New Jersey has a medical marijuana program, the law does not let patients grow their weed. Instead, they must purchase expensive marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries that often lack variety.”

Anyone growing hemp in the State of New Jersey must successfully complete the full application process with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) and sign a Grower Licensing Application before taking possession of any viable hemp seeds/ propagules or in-program harvested hemp materials. You can find the form here:

If you are looking into getting a license to grow marijuana indoors, you need to consider looking into your wall paneling system. Your wall paneling system is a big factor for your plant’s health and growth.

Or suppose you already have your indoor growing facility. In that case, this article will provide you more information on why you should upgrade your existing facilities with a Trusscore PVC vinyl paneling system. 

Duramax provides you with quality Trusscore Vinyl Panels that adhere to the ideal cannabis grow room set-up. Plus, it is FDA-approved! 

Not all wall panels you see in the market are waterproof. Not like Trusscore vinyl panels. Maintaining a grow room that is free from dampness makes better yield. Check out this article to know more. 

Many vinyl wall panel manufacturers claim their product is the best, but check on their products’ actual quality, and you see otherwise. 

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It does not require expensive upkeep, annual repainting, and alike. 

It is easy to clean because its surface is smooth. 

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Trusscore PVC Wall Panels are made to last. 

It can remain in excellent condition even for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. 

Acquiring good materials for your grow rooms serves as your investment too. Quality grow rooms mean quality produce. 

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