Protect your damp walls and ceiling with trusscore vinyl wall panels

Wall panels are used to decorate and protect the walls from heat, humidity, and pressure. There are different wall panel materials available in the market. You choose panels according to your requirements. Vinyl is the ideal material if you wish to protect your commercial or residential walls against dampness. Vinyl is being heavily used to manufacture durable and waterproof panels.

There are varying qualities of vinyl panels. Not all companies manufacture premium panels. Trusscore PVC panels are premium ones made using truss technology. The panels are a result of a combination of science and flawless engineering. The wall and ceiling panels are made in the USA and are most effective for moist/damp interiors. 

Vinyl panel is a one time investment 

Trusscore vinyl panels are slightly expensive compared to other materials. However, it is worth spending a good amount on vinyl panels. The price you pay is for once, and then you do not have to worry about its durability or maintenance. Do not compare the price of vinyl panels to any other type of panels. For example, PVC panels are a one-time investment which is better than investing in less expensive panels that require expensive maintenance and repairs. 

ASTM-certified vinyl panels 

Duramax’s Trusscore panels go through a rigorous quality-testing procedure before they are dispatched to the clients. The panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-complaint. Vinyl panels do not react to any chemicals; they have superb resistivity. They have a 1-hour Class A fire resistance which is an advantage. 

Uses of trusscore vinyl panels 

We have many years of experience in designing vinyl wall panels. Trusscore vinyl panels are used across various industrial sectors. Our panels are used in residential walls and ceilings, agricultural facilities, meat packaging plants, food processing, car washes, schools, marinas, healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, supermarkets, laboratories, and laundromat. PVC panels are attached to the studs and have an interlocking pattern for better installation. They are available in ½ inch thickness; the width is 16,” and the length can vary among 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, and the length is customizable. White and grey are the two colors we offer. 

Durable vinyl panels 

Trusscore panels are heavily waterproof and come with an anti-bacterial coating that arrests mold growth. The panels have a very smooth surface with no crevices. Hence, no impurities or mold can settle or survive on its surface. The panels are long-lasting, which is a big advantage. You invest once, and the panels can last for more than 40-45 years. 

Simple and hassle-free installation

The installation process is very simple and does not require any additional materials. One expert contractor can install the panels within 7-8 hours across the entire setup. The local contractors change the minimum amount for the installation. 

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Do you have a residential or commercial to renovate or are planning a completely new setup? Install Trusscore vinyl panels for better protection of walls and ceiling. Check on our products online from the website and get more information. We are among the most reputed PVC panel manufacturers, and we have a solid client base. 

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