Protect your investment by install PVC Trusscore panels from Duramax

Wall and ceiling coverings have become very common in the commercial and residential sector. PVC panels have made a mark and have replaced the use of materials like FRP, drywall, plywood, mylar, etc. We recommend installing customized trusscore panels for a long-term solution. You have invested a lot on your commercial interior. Make sure you are protecting the investment by properly maintaining it.  

Complete PVC panel installation within 7 – 8 hours

The installation process of trusscore panels is simple and inexpensive. The vinyl boards are attached to the studs on the walls and there are fasteners on the surface that are not visible. The PVC sheets are reusable and transporting them is not a hassle due to the lightweight nature. PVC boards have no backers which is one of the biggest benefits. No amount of moisture or humidity can creep into the panels. So, the walls and ceiling remain free from damage. The panels have tongues and channels in an interlocking pattern to facilitate faster installation. The time taken for the installation is just 7-8. One contractor can install the trusscore panels inside a commercial unit.

PVC sheets have tremendous longevity and affordability

PVC trusscore panels are a single-time investment. These panels are durable and extremely long-lasting. They remain in good condition for almost 45-50 years and can remain so for more than a century. The panels have a thickness of ½ inch which makes them durable. They are available in varying lengths but the width is fixed at 16 inches. PVC sheets cost you only $83.58 and we charge only $5 for the installation so the total you need to spend is a mere $88.58 per panel installation. The cost of raw FRP sheet is $70 which is less than the cost of raw vinyl sheet but the total you need to pay after a panel installation is $141.50. It is a huge amount that you need to invest in a temporary solution.

Shop online for trusscore vinyl panels

Please refer to our website for complete information on trusscore panels. You can explore our inventory online and shop for panels online. Our panels are installed across various commercial spaces that include: car washes, commercial kitchens, grow rooms, dairy farms, shipping containers, restaurants, meat packaging units, fisheries, breweries, hospitals and more. FRP panels have become outdated due to the advancement in latest technology. Fiber reinforced plastic is not suitable for wet and humid interiors whereas vinyl panels are specially crafted for damp interiors. PVC panel is a modern solution that businesses and residential owners are embracing.

Final words – panels made in the USA

Installing Duramax panels, you get a 40% discount on material costs and 50% discount on labor costs. Duramax panels are a one-time investment and it is worth the price you pay. The panels are made in the USA and are shipped to your site within 2 weeks. PVC trusscore panels do not require replacement post-installation. These panels have too many advantages compared to other wall and ceiling coverings. Please book a free of cost consultation and we will customize your commercial interior. You can ask for a free panel sample to check the quality of our vinyl sheets. Request a quote.