PVC panels are extremely popular while FRP Panels are becoming obsolete

Why should you install any other wall or ceiling covering when PVC panels serve the purpose? Vinyl panels can be extremely functional because they have water-resistant properties and many other advantages. Trusscore is a combination of craftsmanship and advanced technology. Duramax uses the truss technology to manufacture and customize PVC panels. Business owners have relied on vinyl panels as it is a certified, long-term and permanent solution. 

Low maintenance and easy to install vinyl panels

The panels require very little maintenance, and no routine cleaning is needed. It is possible to wash the panels without worrying about moisture seepage. Do not use any bleaching agents, abrasives or harsh chemicals. Wipe the trusscore panels with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent. The panels are easy to install with no extra material costs. There are no backers needed so there is no worrying about moisture seepage or higher costs. The panels are attached to the studs directly with fasteners that remain hidden. One contractor is suitable for installing vinyl panels around a single unit within 7-8 hours.

Vinyl panels – a lifetime investment

PVC panels are a one-time solution. The PVC panels have an extended shelf life. Vinyl panels can last for a minimum of 45-50 years and can even go beyond that. Vinyl panels are initially a little expensive compared to other wall covering solutions. FRP Panels cost slightly less compared to PVC trusscore panels. But, the price of FRP panels increased to just double the cost of the raw panels. In spite of that FRP Panels are not long-lasting. They warp, delaminate and peel off within a few hours. The cost of PVC panels does not increase hugely during the installation process of for maintenance. Also, vinyl panels are an investment for a lifetime.

Trusscore PVC panels – a top manufacturer in the USA

Duramax designs trusscore panels for various commercial purposes that include car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, breweries, fisheries, supermarkets, laboratories, laundries and more. We have a huge number of clients in the USA. Our panels are completely water-resistant that keeps the walls and ceiling free from humidity and dampness. The panels are shielded with antibacterial covering that prevents the accumulation of mold and mildew.

PVC panels are resistant to impact, chemicals and have a 1-hour Class A fire grade. The panels are made of 100% virgin vinyl, this makes the panels durable. The industry-leading panels are ½ inch thick and combined with webbed inner truss design. This offers immense strength, durability and rigidity that supports attic insulation loads. Duramax panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-certified. PVC panels are available in white color. They have light-reflective properties that can help in saving energy bills. PVC panels are non-porous and lightweight.

Final words – our money back guarantee

PVC trusscore panels have replaced the use of other wall and ceiling coverings.  Duramax panels once installed do not require replacement and this comes with a $ 25000 money back guarantee.  Vinyl panels would last almost 4 times long as FRP. Duramax assures that panels are designed finely to outperform old FRP panels.  Duramax claims that a job done right does not require redoing. Our panels have been designed adhering to the latest standards. The panels are shipped directly to your site from the factory within 2 weeks. Discuss your project with the team and we have a customized solution for you—request a quote.