Quality is a decisive factor when shopping for trusscore PVC panels

You still do not have a clear idea if you think there is one quality for all vinyl panels. Had it been so, we would not stress enough on getting PVC panels from a renowned manufacturer. How would you find one? Trusscore PVC panels are very popular wall and ceiling covering option in the USA. Many are manufacturing vinyl panels in the USA. You have to do enough research reading reviews, testimonials, social media posts and rely on customer feedback to ensure that you have ordered premium panels. Vinyl panels are a perfect alternative to plywood, drywall, plasterboard, stainless steel, and tiles. 

Why trust Vinyl Wall Panels?

We are not just a name, but it has grown to become the most premium brand. We have clients from various industries and some residential property owners as well. The trusscore PVC panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures durability and resistivity. The panels are completely waterproof, which creates a barrier for moisture, preventing them from penetrating the walls. The panels are shielded with an anti-bacterial coating which offers mold and bacteria resistance. Trusscore PVC panels are manufactured implementing Truss technology which is a combination of modern science and solid craftsmanship. The panels do not have backers, which keep from absorbing dampness and humidity. These are used across industries like car washes, commercial kitchens, food processing units, grow rooms, fisheries, schools, and more. 

Certification and characteristics of vinyl panels 

It is always preferable to invest in certified panels because this ensures the highest quality. The panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. The thickness of the panels is ½ inch, 16″ width, and you can choose the length among 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″ or customize the length as per your requirements. We have kept two shade choices, grey and white. Vinyl panels have a smooth surface without crevices. This helps them to remain clean without attracting impurities. Are PVC panels useful in lowering your energy bills too? The light-reflective nature helps in equal distribution of the total light reflected. 

Low maintenance vinyl panels 

Trusscore PVC panels add hygiene to your moisture-filled interior. These panels do not require regular cleaning or expensive high maintenance. Wipe the panels with a damp cloth and soap occasionally to keep them clean. Wash the panels without bothering about moisture seepage, but washing is not mandatory at all. PVC panels have interlocking tongues and grooves for better tolerance. The panels are extremely long-lasting compared to any other wall coverings. PVC panels have a shelf life of 100 years or more. Our panels require very low maintenance to last for at least 40-50 years in great condition, looking as good as new. The panels do not delaminate, no painting is needed and no repairs are required. 

Shop for Trussore PVC panels 

Invest more while shopping for vinyl panels and there is no recurring expenditure post-installation. Shop for trusscore PVC panels here and get a 10 years warranty. We design customized panels specially made as per your requirements. Book a free consultation with our experts and ask for a free PVC panel sample—request for a quote.