Shield your wetrooms from the damages caused by moisture by installing vinyl panels

Wet room, as the name suggests, is filled with moisture and humidity. Drywall, tiles, simple painting cannot protect the walls and ceiling inside from the claws of dampness. You can allow drying time but it won’t guarantee any positive result. Installing trusscore waterproof walls and ceiling panels could be a long-term solution. PVC or polyvinyl chloride panels can be extremely functional because they have water-resistant properties and many other advantages.

Strong and durable vinyl panels 

Vinyl panels are being used across and commercial spaces. There are different qualities of panels in the market. A renowned manufacturer ensures premium quality panels. Duramax designs premium trusscore PVC panels that are manufactured from 100% pure vinyl. Trusscore is a combination of craftsmanship and advanced technology. These panels are designed using tough polymers for better strength. This technology gives better strength and durability to the panels. The advent of vinyl panels is a boon and all other types of panels are on the verge of losing their identity. Business owners are always looking for a long-term and permanent solution. 

ASTM-certified premium vinyl panels

Trusscore panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. The panels are chemical-resistant, have a 1-hour and Class A fire rating. PVC panels are available in white and gray shades, have light-reflective properties that can help in saving energy bills. PVC panels are waterproof, non-porous and lightweight. They are coated with anti-mold technology and have a smooth surface.

PVC panels are a one-time solution. They have a remarkable shelf-life. The panels are initially a little expensive compared to other wall covering solutions. Do not hesitate to put in a little extra to install vinyl panels. You invest money in vinyl panels only once and it is a lifetime solution. It is the only solution that can last for a minimum of 45-50 years and can even go beyond that. The panels prevent dampness and excess humidity from affecting the interior. If the walls have suffered damage, we suggest repairing and then installing PVC panels to protect them adequately. 

Low maintenance vinyl panels 

The panels require very little maintenance, and no routine cleaning is needed. Washing the panels is not a regular chore but you can wash the panels without worrying about moisture seepage. The panels are easy to install with no extra material costs. One contractor is suitable for installing vinyl panels around a single unit within 7-8 hours. No additional material costs or other changes are required. 

Trusscore – The new technology in vinyl panels

Trusscore PVC panels have emerged as a reputed brand in the USA. We have been manufacturing PVC panels for many years and have a huge client base. Our panels are used across residential and commercial spaces, including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, schools, breweries, fisheries, supermarkets, laboratories, laundries and more. It is a product designed for every niche. The wall and ceiling panels come with a limited lifetime warranty. Trusscore is not just a name; it is a trust that has made countless clients contend. Trusscore PVC panels are manufactured in North America. The products meet and even go beyond the modern hygienic construction and building codes in the USA. 

Final words

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