The advantages of installing trusscore PVC panels discussed

Trusscore PVC panels are used in dairy parlors, Laundromats, emergency shelters, marines, meat and food processing units, restaurant kitchens and other commercial zones. 

Excess humidity and moisture harm the interior leading to permanent damage. Humidity-filled spaces become the breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. As a result, the walls and ceilings start cracking and can even lead to accidents in the future. Here are a few reasons why Trusscore panels should be your ideal choice. These panels are made implementing the trusscore technology which is a combination of modern technology and craftsmanship. 

Waterproof trusscore PVC panels

Trusscore PVC panels are easy to install as no complex procedure is involved and it takes less time. The panels are attached directly to the studs and there are no hidden fasteners. The panels do not have backers that ensure the panels would not attract humidity and dampness. One expert local contractor can install the panels inside a unit in 7-8 hours. The waterproof panels have no crevices so bacteria and debris cannot reside beneath the panels. The anti-bacterial panels are resistant to molds, mildew and other microbes. The panels are extremely hygienic and don’t require deep cleaning. Occasionally wipe the white and bright panels with a damp cloth and detergent to maintain their pristine appearance.

Long-lasting PVC panels

Trusscore PVC panels are ideal for cladding interior ceilings and walls. These panels are extremely long-lasting; they have a shelf-life of an average of 40-50 years or could last for even 100 years. Vinyl panels are a single-time investment, so spending a little more in getting a permanent solution makes sense. FRP panels cost less compared to PVC panels, but the former is not a long-term solution. 

Investing in Trusscore panels gets you 40% lesser material cost with 50% labor savings. In all, PVC panels are a cost-effective ceiling and wall cladding solution ideal for damp commercial interiors. 

Quality-assured and certified PVC panels

It is important to check the quality of the Trusscore PVC panels before ordering one. Duramax PVC panels manufacture premium trusscore PVC panels. We have been manufacturing vinyl panels for the past 40 years or even more. Vinyl wall panels are FDA-compliant, ASTM-certified and CFIA-certified. Made with Truss technology, the panels can get recycled 7 times. PVC panels have a Class A fire rating according to the ASTM E84-18 Standard Test. The materials have a flame spread index of 15 along with a smoke index of 450. TheThe panels are resistant to weathering, chemicals, odor and do not change color. Vinyl panels are not made from toxic elements and can be easily recycled. 

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