The growing market of PVC panels – Duramax trusscore panels

The market of PVC panels is fast expanding and is experiencing steady growth. The leading companies are implementing successful marketing plans and strategies. Vinyl sheets clad commercial interiors without making a hole in your pocket. FRP Panels were once a popular solution but gradually, businesses discovered the disadvantages. PVC panels are a version of wall and ceiling coverings that businesses were looking for. There is a huge demand for trusscore sheets among industries. All panels do not possess the same strength due to the quality. Trusscore is a new and improved technology used to design functional vinyl sheets. 

The trusscore technology

Trusscore panels are made by using webbed truss technology. We manufacture panels by combining flawless engineering and innovation. Vinyl panels are useful for installing inside grow rooms, car washes, warehouses, commercial kitchens, restaurants, dairy farms, schools, breweries, fisheries, poultries, supermarkets, laboratories, shipping containers, and laundries and more. The panels are available in only a single white color. We do not manufacture colorful panels and neither do they fade away. White is pristine, elegant and allows ample light inside. The PVC sheets reflect light so you require installing fewer lights. This way you can save more on your monthly energy bills. A scope of little savings gives greater relief.  

Duramax – a leading brand in the USA

Duramax is a renowned name in the USA and we have been designing water-resistant and durable panels for more than 40 years. We are one of the leading companies that manufacture wall and ceiling coverings. The panels are functional and have an ASTM certification, CFIA certification, and FDA compliance. The sheets are non-porous and resistant to impacts and abuses.

The vinyl panels have a webbed inner truss design and a solid thickness of ½ inch. The sheets are resistant to moisture, mold, fire and odor. They have a 1-hour Class A flame resistivity and do not react to chemicals. Every panel has an antibacterial covering that prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Installing trusscore panels is simple and not expensive at all. They do not require rigorous cleaning or daily maintenance. 

Experience longer life of the panels

PVC panels do not wear off or delaminate post installation. Our statement or promise is backed by the $25,000 money-back guarantee. Vinyl panels are customized according to your budget and requirements. Vinyl sheets are extremely long-lasting, they have 4x times more durability than FRP panels. They remain in good condition for a minimum of 45 to 50 years and they can go up to even 100 years. We can call them a lifetime solution. The panels are eco-friendly and can be reused several times. Our panels are robust and extremely durable. The products are designed following the latest standards and techniques. 

Final words

Duramax panels are easily shipped to your site directly from our factory in the US within 2 weeks. We customize panels for you based on the requirements and considering the budget factor. Ask for a sample of our PVC panels and we do not charge for that. Request a quote.