The importance of choosing trusscore PVC panels for your commercial interior

You can prevent humidity from affecting your commercial interior by installing trusscore PVC panels on the walls and ceiling. These panels come with various advantages that other panels have failed to deliver. 

The installation process in just 7-8 hours

Duramax PVC panels have a simple installation process. There is no additional investment in hiring excess labor or materials. The panels do not have backers so the dampness or humidity does not seep into the walls or ceiling. PVC panels have hidden fasteners attached to the studs. This makes the panels reusable. The panels have interlocking tongues and grooves for faster installation. A single trained local contractor can install the trusscore PVC panels within 7-8 hours inside a unit. 

Duramax PVC panels have a long shelf life

Vinyl panels have a shelf life of about 45-50 years after the installation. The Trusscore PVC panels can last for more than 100 years which is very long. The trusscore PVC panels are simple to maintain and do not require daily cleaning. Wipe clean the wall and ceiling panels with a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent. Do not use bleach or any other strong abrasive agents. Wash the panels when needed and your walls and ceiling will remain unaffected by water seepage. Duramax offers yearly maintenance of the panels. 

Duramax PVC panels – ASTM certified panels

Duramax PVC Panels is a USA-based company that manufactures premium-quality vinyl panels. We have been the leader in the industry that is designing customized PVC panels for more than 40 years. Trusscore PVC panels are manufactured by implementing truss technology, a combination of science and engineering. Trusscore PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Vinyl panels are used for commercial purposes, including car washes, grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, breweries, shipping containers, riding stables, etc.

Duramax PVC panels are made from pure quality raw vinyl. This makes the panels durable and robust. Duramax PVC panels are 100% waterproof so they keep the inner walls and ceiling dry and humidity-free. They have a mold-resistant covering on their surface to keep away mildew, mold and bacteria. Vinyl panels are chemical-resistant, odor resistant and have a 1-hour, Class A fire grade. PVC panels can be recycled up to 7 times more than other panels. The vinyl panels are resilient and resistant to impacts.

Final words – PVC panels can be recycled

We offer customized truscore PVC panels according to your budget and requirements. Save 40% on the material cost and 50% on the labor cost by installing PVC panels. Duramax vinyl panels have replaced the use of traditional wall and ceiling panels. We cater to a wide range of industries in the USA, including grow rooms, commercial kitchens, restaurants, shipping containers, warehouses, and car washes. Duramax panels are flexible, non-toxic and can be recycled.

PVC panels are worth the investment and have proved superior to any other type of wall or ceiling covering. Duramax panels are shipped at factory-direct prices within two weeks. PVC panels have replaced the use of traditional wall and ceiling panels. Please discuss your project with our experts for a customized solution. Please request a free sample of our trusscore PVC panels. Ask for a quote.