The massive use of vinyl in manufacturing Trusscore PVC panels

Vinyl is a versatile material used in making industrial pipes, plastic wrap and in wall covering. According to the statistics, almost three-quarters of the vinyl produced goes into the construction sector. PVC is efficient in protecting the environment that emits low greenhouse gas and conserves energy. Due to the several advantages of vinyl, it is now very popularly used in commercial and residential wall coverings. 

Quality – the crucial factor

The quality of trusscore PVC panels plays a very big role, which is why you need to choose panels from a renowned manufacturer. All vinyl wall and ceiling panels do not have the same quality. Duramax implements modern manufacturing techniques to manufacture premium quality panels. Our engineers implement truss technology which is a combination of science, quality and creativity. 

Why choose trusscore PVC panels?

Nowadays, vinyl is the second most-produced plastic on a worldwide basis. Duramax trusscore panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl which gives durability and resistance to the panels. Trusscore PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. The panels have grooves and tongues in interlocking patterns for greater resistivity. The interlocking pattern features a multiwall structure offering more durability and strength. Trusscore panels are the perfect alternative to plywood, drywall, plasterboard, tiled concrete, FRP, stainless steel panels, lightweight and PVC siding. Our panels are used in grow rooms, car washes, commercial kitchens, breweries, stables, fisheries, meat processing units and more.

Our Trusscore vinyl panels are made of a strong formulation of polymer that consists of a face sheet and a core that is made of adjoining tubes along with an equilateral triangle that is cross-sectional in shape. In addition, there are inner triangular ribs that are extruded between two faces. 

Long-lasting Trusscore vinyl panels 

Trusscore panels can last for many years, which is almost a lifetime. The vinyl panels have a shelf-life of almost 100-140 years. PVC panels can last for 40-50 years effortlessly with scanty maintenance. The panels are very easy to clean and do not require regular maintenance. You can wash the panels easily without worrying about water seepage. 

PVC panels are affordable in the long run

Are you worried about the cost factor, especially because PVC panels are a little more expensive than FRP panels? It is worth spending a little more on long-lasting panels. FRP panels are a cheaper option, but those panels delaminate faster, require frequent repairs and replacement. So, it is finally a better option to invest in a long-term solution. Many commercial and residential space owners are taking off the old FRP panels and are investing in new PVC panels that never look old even after years. 

Install trusscore vinyl panels 

Are you planning to install Trusscore vinyl panels? Get in touch with us for affordable vinyl panels. Discuss your requirements with the team. Book a free consultation and ask for a free sample—request for a quote.