The one-stop solution for wall dampness – Trusscore PVC panels

You can paint the walls with vibrant colors or use tiles to guard against dampness, but unfortunately, they are not as durable as you would like. Tiles, drywall, plywood, and even FRP panels might cover the walls, but they can’t offer 100% protection against moisture damage. Trusscore PVC panels are the ideal solution to counteract damage from humidity and moisture. You might find a lot of good quality vinyl panels in the market, but the wallboard manufactured with the Trusscore technology is the most preferred and ideal amongst all. Here are a few reasons why vinyl panels are the one-stop solution against dampness, mold, bacteria and the list of utilities goes on.

100% virgin vinyl panels have the edge over others

The Trusscore PVC panels are surely one of the most durable wall coverings to protect against moisture damage. The high-quality panels manufactured with 100% virgin vinyl can withstand heavy impacts and ensure outstanding strength and durability. Unaffected by moisture and manufactured with the Trusscore technology, the panels can last for 45 years or even longer without any callbacks, repairs, replacements, or heavy maintenance. 

Anti-bacterial and safe

The chemical-resistant Trusscore panels are impermeable to moisture, dirt, debris, filth, and animal wastes. The panels don’t support the growth of mold and mildew, making the facility hygienic and also meeting the strict standards laid down by laboratories, hospitals, and food processing units. Trusscore panels meet the FDA requirements and are certified by the CFIA and ASTM. 

Fire-resistant panels – The need for every commercial application

High-quality PVC panels have a Class A fire rating following the norms laid down by ASTM E84-18 Standard Test Method. The flame spread index is 15, and the smoke-developed index is 450, making the panels ideal for commercial applications where fire outbreaks might threaten life and property. 

Durability and long-lifespan

The Trusscore panels are highly durable and don’t need repairs or replacements. The panels have internal hardware that enhances the strength and doesn’t rot, rust, mold or peel off, unlike other wall coverings. The panels are recyclable with a long lifespan of 140 years. You can recycle the PVC sheets 7xtimes, making the thermoplastic product an eco-friendly choice. 

Customize your choices

If you have already chosen the Trusscore panels, you can customize the bright, white, and pristine panels in different sizes, shapes, cuts, lengths, widths, and thicknesses. In addition, the panels are resistant to UV rays and don’t change colors making them ideal for commercial applications like restaurants, kitchens, grow rooms, and so on. 


Last and an essential point of all is the affordability of Trusscore panels. The high-quality, non-toxic panels are a one-time investment that will never need repainting, replacing, and refinishing. With 40% lesser material cost and 50% labor-saving – the panels are far more affordable than the traditional FRP or drywall. 

Wrapping up

Get the Trusscore PVC panels in just two weeks at factory-direct prices. Our experts offer a free consultation session to discuss wall paneling customization and other queries. You can also get a free sample to do a quality check. Request a quote now. We revert you within a day.