The perks of installing Trusscore panels inside the wetroom

Are there leaks in between the tiles of your wetroom? Is the paint chipping off from the walls and ceiling of the bathroom? Dampness and humidity can ruin your interior which calls for repairs.

Duramax manufactures premium Trusscore panels made using modern truss technology. Trusscore is a combination of science and high-quality manufacturing. PVC panels are designed with strong polymer formulation. Trusscore vinyl panels have about ½ inch thickness with a truss design. The length can be customized according to the project requirement. 

The advantages of PVC panels

Trusscore panels are light-reflective. This means the panels equally distribute the reflected light. This reduces the monthly energy bills which is a continuous saving. The panels are long-lasting; they have a shelf-life of almost 45-50 years or even more. Once installed, the panels do not require replacing. Trusscore panels are easy to install where no additional expenses are required. One contractor can install the panels within 7-8 hours.

Hiring more than one contractor can speed up the process. Once installed, Trusscore PVC panels do not require replacing. PVC panels are slightly higher in cost compared to Drywall. It is good to invest a little higher initially and not invest in repairs and maintenance. Trusscore vinyl panels are simple to maintain without any extra maintenance costs. The PVC panels require occasional wiping with a damp cloth and little soap.

Drywall is not suitable for humid walls

Are you facing the consequences of installing Drywall inside the wetroom? Drywall is not suitable for humid and damp interiors. This material delaminates and crumbles when constantly exposed to moisture and excess humidity. Vinyl panels do not absorb moisture and humidity into the walls. This ensures dry wetroom walls and ceilings. Drywall is difficult to install and takes longer when compared to PVC panels. Trusscore panels on the other hand, are easy and simple to install. No backers are necessary and there are tongues and grooves for quick installation. A single contractor can install the vinyl panels within 7-8 hours. 

Trust Duramax PVC panels 

Duramax PVC Trusscore panels are made from 100% virgin vinyl. This ensures durability and strength. The panels are waterproof, have an anti-mold coating inside and are lightweight. The panels are chemical-resistant and have a 1-hour Class A fire grade for fire resistance. The panels do not contain toxic materials and can be recycled. The panels are tested for quality before it is shipped to your site. They are shipped directly from the factory within 2 weeks. Trusscore PVC panels are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified and FDA-compliant. Our products are available in white and grey shades. 

Duramax Trusscore PVC panels – driving transformation

Bathroom tiles are not a full-proof solution compared to Trusscore panels. We design customized solutions for our clients. Save 40% on the material costs and 50% on labor costs by investing in PVC panels. Vinyl panels once installed, do not require replacing or you get your money back. Duramax’s constant research is changing the face of residential and commercial construction by designing sustainable solutions. Refer to our website for more information and get a customized solution. Ask for a free sample so that you can see and feel the quality or request a quote.