The use of Duramax’s trusscore PVC panels for commercial sectors

Trusscore PVC panels are used inside car washes, poultries, restaurants, fisheries, grow rooms, food packaging units, meat packaging units, riding stables, warehouses, commercial kitchens, and more. These panels are usually preferred inside areas where moisture sustains and have a chance of damaging the walls and ceiling. Businesses prefer installing these panels as a long-term solution for commercial walls and ceiling.

Simple and hassle-free installation and maintenance

Trusscore PVC panels can be installed in a span of 7 to 8 hours by a single local installation contractor. The PVC panels are attached to the studs and there are invisible fasteners. The vinyl boards have tongues and grooves that interlock with each other. This makes the installation process easier and hassle-free. The panels are reusable so they can be taken off anytime and installed inside another unit as required. The PVC sheets, once installed, can last for almost 45 to 50 years. The panels remain in good condition for even 100 years. The cleaning process is simple and does not involve extra costs. Wash the Trusscore boards because they do not care to attract moisture or humidity. Do not use acids or harsh cleaners, we recommend wiping the surface with a wet cloth and a light cleaner.

The features of Duramax PVC panels

Duramax PVC Panels is a well-known in the USA that manufactures and designs vinyl sheets. We have been manufacturing vinyl sheets for more than 40 years. Our trusscore PVC sheets are ½ inch thick and have solid rigidity. The panels are durable and manufactured using the modern truss technology. Duramax panels are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl sheets. The quality of raw vinyl determines the goodness of the panels. They are ASTM-certified, CFIA-certified, and FDA-compliant. Due to the fine quality and certifications, businesses prefer installing these sheets. The panels are lightweight and non-porous. They do not react to abuses, impacts, or chemical spills. Duramax panels control odor and have a 1-hour Class A fire grade that effectively helps resist sudden fire accidents.

Waterproofing – the main advantage of PVC panels

Duramax trusscore PVC panels are 100% waterproof, this makes sure that no amount of moisture seeps into the panels. The layer of vinyl protects the underlying walls and ceiling from the hands of excessive moisture. The PVC sheets help in preventing the growth of mold and bacteria on the panels. They are covered with a layer of antibacterial covering that keeps away the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

Choose a renowned PVC panel manufacturer in the USA

Vinyl panels are popular in the commercial and residential sector. They have plenty of advantages that no other type of panels can offer. There are many companies in the USA that manufacture PVC panels. Shortlist the renowned ones and then make a final choice. You cannot ignore Duramax because of our escalating popularity in the market. We have clients from various industries who are satisfied with what we offer. Save 40% of material and 50% of labor costs by investing in Duramax PVC panels. Trusscore PVC panels, once installed, do not require replacement. We assure you this by offering the $25,000 money-back guarantee. Vinyl sheets are a lifetime solution for the walls and ceilings. Duramax panels are shipped from our factory in the USA directly within 2 weeks.

Final words – ask for a free sample

You can check the quality of our panels by asking for a free sample. Please call us for queries or book a consultation free of cost. Request a quote.